Headache for many years, discovered a brain tumor bigger than a duck egg


The patient is a 68-year-old woman (HCMC), who went to Trung Vuong Hospital for a checkup due to sluggishness. headache, tired. Family members said that the patient had these symptoms for many years.

At first, she only had headaches, fatigue, and took pain relievers. This time, the patient not only had a headache, but also felt weak and weak on the left side of the body, lethargy, poor contact. After being treated in many places, her family took her to Trung Vuong Hospital.

Diagnostic results revealed that the patient had a large meningioma in the right temporal region, with many blood vessels feeding the tumor. The doctor plans the surgery.

Image of blood vessels interlaced on meningioma tumor. Photo: BVCC.

During the preparation process, the doctor discovered that she had coronary artery disease, so she had to be consulted with a cardiologist. Because the tumor has so many blood vessels, the doctor continues to consult with an endovascular specialist (DSA). The crew occluded the tumor feeding the tumor to limit bleeding during surgery.

On May 16, surgery removed the entire meningioma tumor of a large size, bigger than a duck egg. After 10 days, the patient recovered consciousness, no weakness, and normal activities.

According to specialist doctor 2 Nguyen Hien Nhan, neurosurgery specialist, Trung Vuong Hospital, meningiomas are usually benign tumors, the rate from 14.3% to 19% of primary intracranial tumors.

The highest incidence is at age 45, more women than men. Cases occurring in children aged 10 to 20 years old account for about 1.5%. In the long-term cases, the tumor is large and the vascular system feeding the tumor will develop complicatedly.

Doctor Nhan said that benign meningiomas are usually slow-growing, lasting for many years. Therefore, when symptoms of headache persist, patients should go to a hospital capable of diagnosing brain tumors. Note, it is necessary to clearly describe your medical condition so that the doctor can have a reasonable treatment.

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