Strength of a mother with autistic children


Just thinking that her child is naughty, hyperactive, slow to speak, Ms. Trinh Thi Hong Yen, Dong Bam Ward (Thai Nguyen City), was very disappointed and depressed when she found out that her child was autistic. She loves her son very much and cares for his future, she has worked hard every day with her son to practice and overcome illness to aim for good things.

With the companionship of her mother, until now, PL, who has autism, has been able to do some housework and take care of herself.

With a bright smile and a pretty face, at a glance, no one thought that Nguyen PL, Trinh Thi Hong Yen’s child, had autism. Yen confided: In 2014, when he turned 2 years old, I saw unusual expressions from him such as: Not knowing how to speak, calling his name and not reacting, walking on tiptos, spinning continuously, only playing with one toy. things all day, babbling. A little older, my baby also runs and jumps constantly, often climbs on windows and swings, cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes and cries when being seated. Especially at night, my children often wake up, cry, toss and turn not to sleep. One day, my child cried from night until dawn, got tired and fell asleep… I took him to the National Children’s Hospital to be examined. The doctor concluded that my child has an autism spectrum disorder.

Yen shared: Like many other parents, when I learned that my child had autism, my spirit was very depressed at that time. The bottom time, whoever told me I followed. Like in 2015, I let my son go back to Hanoi to have acupressure shave from a healer, as a result, money was lost and he had to suffer a lot of physical pain.

At the end of 2015, Ms. Yen changed her mind, she sent her child to intervene at a specialized provincial hospital. After 7 months of intervention, her child also made certain progress, but it was not obvious. Yen took her children back and went to find centers to study. At that time, I had extra lessons for 1 hour a day with a teacher specializing in teaching children with autism and going to preschool. But as a result, he still can’t speak and has not made significant progress.

Faced with a long period of intervention and preschool but her child’s progress was not much, Yen decided to quit her job at the Provincial Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board, and started her journey of reading. documentation and self-support and intervention for children at home.

She said: I searched for documents from abroad, from experts in the country, participated in intervention courses to better understand my child’s disorders and difficulties, to support and intervene for my child. at home. During this time, I have made remarkable progress, can say simple words, know how to use the toilet properly, especially, I have understood simple sentences. However, up to this point, my baby still cries for no reason and has severe sleep disorders, still does not know how to self-clean at night.

By 2018, I was able to contact an expert and went to Singapore to attend a course on “Integrating multi-sensory reflexes with MNRI”, since then the series of sleep disorders of PL’s child ended and I could sleep too. Sleep well all night, eyes have less dark circles due to lack of sleep. When PL was 7 years old, even though he didn’t speak much, he knew how to call “mom”, “dad”… Especially, PL knew how to feel sad when his mother said pain, and when he was happy when his father bought a nice shirt and new toys. know how to clean themselves properly.

This is the motivation for Ms. Hong Yen to share with the community of parents with children in similar circumstances in Thai Nguyen the latest intervention methods, hand-in-hand with mothers in teaching autistic children. With encouragement and trust from mothers in the same situation, Ms. Yen has gradually established Yen Linh Center for Support and Development of Inclusive Education, based in Picenza Urban Area, Dong Bam (Thai City. Original). Up to now, the Center has been established for 3 years and currently has 8 teachers supporting 20 autistic students.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Linh has a young daughter who has been studying at the Center for 2 years. Up to now, her daughter has made a lot of progress, can speak clearly, speak simple sentences, memorize the alphabet, communicate, know personal hygiene, almost like normal developing babies.

Parent Nguyen Thi Linh (on the right) persistently went to the Center, went to class with her child, learned how to communicate and talk to her daughter with autism.

Ms. Linh said, taking her child to the Center and receiving the sharing of Yen and the teachers here, I understood that: Being sad can’t solve any problems, but having to accompany my children to fight. with exercise sickness. I have persisted in going to class with my child, learning how to communicate, talk to him, guide and protect him from being hurt… After more than 2 years of going to school, until now, baby Linh knows how to introduce her name. , know how to do some small things when wrong. I plan to end this summer to send my children to preschool at a public school near my house.

The joy of Ms. Linh’s family is also the joy of Ms. Yen and the teachers at the Center. After all, Yen’s message: If one day, someone falls into a situation like hers, has a child with autism, please don’t despair. Let’s practice together with the warm heart of a mother and father, together with children to overcome difficulties to aim for good things.

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