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Chau Thanh strives to build new rural areas

Chau Thanh strives to build new rural areas
Chau Thanh strives to build new rural areas

Mobilize people’s strength to build new rural areas

Determining that building new rural areas is an important political task, requiring comprehensive leadership of Party committees and local authorities at all levels and the joint efforts and consensus of all classes of people and districts. Chau Thanh Pay attention to well implementing the propaganda and advocacy work on the purpose, meaning and importance of the National Target Program on building new rural areas, with many rich and diverse forms, integrated into activities , legal meetings… help people understand their responsibilities, rights and obligations in building new rural areas.

With the strength of agricultural production, Chau Thanh district strives to restructure agriculture to suit local conditions, adapt to climate change, bring economic value, and increase income for farmers. The district is building specialized production areas with suitable crops and livestock adapted to each region and locality; Gradually form specialized production areas for vegetables and fruit trees following VietGAP direction combined with ecotourism development. Besides, timely and effective implementation of social security policies; propagate and mobilize people to participate in social insurance and health insurance; Pay attention and care for people with meritorious services and relatives with a living standard of average or higher compared to the area of ​​residence; Improve the quality of vocational training, focusing on training high-quality human resources…

To date, the entire district has 7/11 communes recognized as meeting NTM standards. Among them, Vinh Hanh and Hoa Binh Thanh communes are recognized according to the set of criteria of Decision 1260/QD-UBND (period 2021 – 2025); 5 communes are recognized according to the set of criteria Decision 2361/QD-UBND and Decision 3379/QD-UBND (period 2010 – 2020), including: Vinh Thanh, Vinh Nhuan, Can Dang, Binh Hoa, An Hoa. Currently, these 5 communes are performing well in maintaining and improving the quality of criteria according to Decision 1260/QD-UBND, with the number of criteria achieved from 15 – 18 criteria. In addition, the district also has 3 communes that meet the “Advanced Rural Areas” standard, including: Binh Hoa, Can Dang and Vinh Thanh.

Chau Thanh district is assessed to meet 2/9 criteria for building a new rural district. For the remaining criteria assessed as not met, the district proactively develops plans, roadmaps, and specific implementation solutions to ensure that by the end of 2024, 9/9 criteria and 36/36 indicators will be completed. target according to the NTM district criteria set, so that by early 2025, the dossier will be completed and sent to the Central Council for survey and appraisal.

Vice Chairman of Chau Thanh District People’s Committee Nguyen Tan Phong said that becoming a NTM district is one of the important tasks of the 2021 – 2025 term set by the Party Committee and authorities of Chau Thanh district. To achieve that goal, the locality focuses on mobilizing all resources, proactively overcoming difficulties, and building a specific implementation roadmap, associated with the annual socio-economic development plan. Many tasks and solutions have been proposed and are being implemented with high political determination. In particular, propaganda and advocacy work is carried out extensively, with many rich and diverse forms, integrated into activities, meetings… to raise awareness of officials, Party members and people about positions, roles and responsibilities in building new rural areas; arouse initiative and creativity among the people and participate in building new rural areas.

Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Si Lam suggested that in order to achieve the goal of becoming a new rural district by 2025, the locality continues to enhance the role of the political system in building new rural areas, determined to maintain it. and improve the quality of achieved targets and criteria; proactively coordinate with departments, branches and branches to remove difficulties, propose solutions and specific implementation roadmaps, and soon complete unmet criteria…

In addition, promote propaganda work to raise awareness of both the political system and the people about the meaning and goals of building new rural areas. The district allocates and orients the use of capital resources appropriately and in accordance with the actual situation; Review and develop plans to create land funds, giving priority to urgent projects. In addition, promote socialization and mobilize people’s strength to carry out rural road and bridge projects; building cultural life; create jobs and reduce poverty; support production development; Promote investment in the fields of health, education, and infrastructure; Mobilize people to participate in health insurance…

“Chau Thanh District People’s Committee coordinates with departments and branches to review and re-evaluate the results of implementing the NTM district criteria set (according to Decision 320/QD-TTg). Thereby, determine the criteria and targets that have been met and have not been met, and have a specific plan and timeline for completion. Strive by 2025, Chau Thanh district will become a rural district” – Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Si Lam proposed.


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