Swimming improves health


It was still early morning, many people started preparing for their new day by swimming. It’s not a luxurious swimming pool with blue water and a straight swimming path, but on the contrary, the pouring season brings red silt, at the end of the swimming path are 2 bamboo sticks, stretched with ropes, threaded with discarded plastic bottles, and leaves. The flag has weathered the wind and fog, waves crash every time a ship passes by. That is the hundreds of meters long swimming route of the aunts and uncles at the Hau river section, embankment (Nguyen Du village, My Binh ward, City. Long Xuyen).

Mr. Le Thanh Binh (Dong Xuyen ward, Long Xuyen city) said that swimming is very good for health, refreshing spirit, stable heart, and more excited spirit. “Retired, no longer busy with any work, I see swimming as an entertaining sport, to train myself and improve my health. Every day there is a storm, I can’t swim, I feel deprived. Over the past few years, I have maintained regular swimming and exercise, and minor illnesses rarely occur” – Mr. Binh shared. Mr. Lai Van Danh (My Long ward, Long Xuyen city) informed that although he is 80 years old, he is very healthy, thanks to maintaining swimming practice for decades. “As I get older, my joints and muscles often ache and degenerate. I swim regularly every day and feel much less sore than before. The process of swimming helps the muscles move, so it limits osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease, thereby becoming more stable, the spirit is refreshed after swimming, and memory is better thanks to swimming” – commented Mr. Danh.

Similarly, uncle Dang Van Cong (My Long ward, Long Xuyen city) said that his group has maintained swimming for more than 10 years, most of them are retired officials, there are a few younger members who are working but have Share a passion for swimming. After swimming a few hundred meters, the joints and muscles move continuously, the body is exhausted, but when eating and resting, the spirit is excited and refreshed, health increases significantly, sleep is deeper and more restful. “When swimming in the river, we met some poor students selling lottery tickets who couldn’t afford to learn how to swim, so we taught them how to swim. So many children have learned to swim, contributing to the prevention of drowning and injuries for children” – Mr. Cong confided.

Dawn broke, passing hot corn from hand to hand, fully refueling and preparing for the new day’s exercise session, amidst the cheerful laughter of the aunts and uncles, expressing the indispensable joy in life. Life is less lonely when everyone has the same interests, immersing themselves in the water and having fun like when they were young.

“Everyone here, in addition to swimming to exercise, lose weight, and stay in shape, also has another joy of gathering, having fun, and sharing the joys and sorrows in life. In particular, swimming in the Hau River does not bother anyone, it is less boring than swimming in the pool, there are boats passing by, the rolling waves create a feeling of excitement, fun and you can catch the sunrise every day, the view of your hometown. I’m so beautiful” – Ms. Nguyen Van Mai Trinh (My Binh ward) shared.

For older people, the body begins to age, sports brings many benefits, health is supple, and the aging process is slower. Swimming alone brings more benefits than other sports, helping to increase strength, endurance, and better memory. Swimming improves mental state, reduces anxiety and depression, especially for older people, making life less lonely. In addition to the benefits of swimming for exercise, joining clubs and groups also helps girls and boys with similar interests gather, live, play, share, and entertain, making life joyful and spiritual. comfortable. Participating in swimming helps older people maintain health, live happier lives, and inspires children and grandchildren to practice exercise and sports.


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