Khanh Hoa allows 114 land plots to exist with ‘land donation for roads’

Khanh Hoa allows 114 land plots to exist with ‘land donation for roads’
Khanh Hoa allows 114 land plots to exist with ‘land donation for roads’

The People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa province has just agreed on a policy to allow the existence of 114 land areas with “land donation for roads” in Cam Lam district.

Among these land areas, there are 107 land donation areas for road construction that do not comply with the planning. Accordingly, Khanh Hoa province allows these land plots to exist according to the purpose on the Certificate of Land Use Rights (red book). Cam Lam district canceled the road approval document, land in this area does not allow construction until it is in accordance with the planning and meets infrastructure conditions or has written permission from competent authorities.

For the remaining 7 land plots, the People’s Committee of Cam Lam district previously agreed to donate land for road construction and approved self-investment in paving the road. These roads are in accordance with the approved traffic planning, so they exist. The Provincial People’s Committee also agreed to allow people to exercise their rights and obligations regarding the issued red books; are allowed to build houses if needed.

According to statistics from the People’s Committee of Cam Lam district, of the 114 areas donating land for road construction, there are 22 areas in Cam Duc town; 38 areas in Cam Thanh Bac commune; 35 areas are Cam Hai Tay commune; 7 areas in Suoi Cat commune; 10 areas are Suoi Tan commune; 1 area in Cam Hiep Nam commune; The remaining is Cam Hai Dong commune.

A corner of the plot area in Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa. Image: Bui Thanh Hoa

Previously, according to conclusion No. 247 of the Provincial People’s Committee on the situation of dividing plots and selling plots in Cam Lam district, from January 2018 to June 2021, this district allowed 114 areas to donate land to build roads to separate plots and divided into 2,385 plots in total. The total area of ​​the divided lands is more than 55 hectares. The area donated for road construction is more than 97,400 m2.

Authorities determined that the documents for converting land use purposes were incomplete according to regulations. In addition, the People’s Committee of Cam Lam district approved the plan to separate a large number of plots, but did not require land users to establish a business when transferring land use rights with the separated land plots. in accordance with the law on real estate business.

In the coming time, the People’s Committee of Cam Lam district must proactively coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Construction to unify the method and content of implementation work; Handling limited land plots for housing construction in areas that do not have detailed construction planning and technical infrastructure conditions are not guaranteed.

At the same time, localities need to strengthen land management and construction order in the area, promptly detect and prevent violations of construction order and illegal construction of works on agricultural land; Handle individuals and organizations that are irresponsible, lax in management, and allow violations to occur without timely handling or proposal for handling.

Regarding the incident, last year, many leaders and officials of Cam Lam district were disciplined due to violations in land management, causing the risk of losing budget revenue.

Bui Toan

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