Soc Trang strengthens inspection and control of the moon cake market


STO – Mid-Autumn Festival is the time when people consume a large amount of food, especially moon cakes, pia cake… To ensure health safety for the people, the market management force of Soc Trang province strengthens its work. inspect and control the market, promptly detect and strictly handle violations, and protect consumer rights.

Control input quality

The whole province currently has over 100 establishments producing and trading pia cake, moon cakes and other pastries, mainly concentrated in Soc Trang city and Chau Thanh district. To ensure the quality of cakes, inspection and control work is always paid attention to by functional branches in the province.

Comrade Nguyen Ngoc Hien – Standing Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee 389, Director of the Provincial Market Management Department said, implementing Official Dispatch No. 1823/TCQLTT-CNV, dated August 18, 2023 of the General Department of Management. market on strengthening market inspection and control during the Mid-Autumn Festival and checking product quality until the end of 2023, the Provincial Market Management Department has directed market management teams to strengthen measures. professional methods, inspection and control, in order to promptly detect and strictly handle violations. In particular, focus on inspecting business establishments, agents, and cake shops serving the Mid-Autumn Festival market; combine inspection of cake production facilities, mainly inspecting raw materials, additives, food processing aids, food safety conditions in food production and trading, and product labeling chemicals, sampling to check product quality… Through initial inspection, all establishments complied with regulations on production and business, and no violations were detected.

Comrade Nguyen Ngoc Hien – Director of the Market Management Department of Soc Trang province (on the right) check ingredients for making Pia cake at Duy Tan Food Processing Company Limited (Soc Trang city, conscious Soc Trang). Photo: HOANG LAN

Raising awareness and responsibility in production and business, most businesses in the province clearly see the importance of controlling the quality of raw material inputs, thereby creating consumer trust. Mr. Truong Quoc Khanh – Director of Lap Hung Limited Liability Company, Soc Trang city (Soc Trang) said that his family has a tradition of producing and trading moon cakes, pia cake… for nearly 50 years and the brand Lap Hung is known to people inside and outside the province. Having achieved that result, the company always puts quality and reputation first. To produce cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company has prepared ingredients early to ensure quality. At the same time, invest in modern machinery and equipment to improve cake quality, innovate packaging and designs to meet the increasing needs of customers.

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Trang – representative of Duy Tan Food Processing Company Limited, Soc Trang city, said that the cake’s appearance only creates an impression on customers. If you want to retain customers, the quality decides. Flour, sugar, beans, durian, salted eggs, nuts, cooking oil, additives… are indispensable ingredients to create Pia cake. If the input materials do not ensure quality, it will certainly be difficult for the cake to ensure food safety and hygiene standards. Therefore, input materials are controlled more strictly by the company, especially materials originating from foreign countries. Valid documents and invoices must be present before the unit dares to import goods. Besides, during the production process, the company strictly implements regulations on labor hygiene and safety, in order to create the best products for consumers.

Ensure market stability

To meet consumer demand during the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival, businesses and business households have prepared early with a rich amount of goods, diverse in designs and styles to serve the market. At 30/4 Park (Soc Trang city), there are over 20 stalls selling moon cakes, pia cakes, and printed cakes of famous brands inside and outside the province. Representative of Tan Hue Vien cake dealer, Ms. Huynh Nguyen Cam Nhung, said that the price of cakes this year will increase slightly compared to 2022, because the price of input materials increased. Ms. Nhung added that the purchasing power of cakes during the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival is relatively stable.

According to agents, currently people are not buying many cakes. Hopefully, one week before the Mid-Autumn Festival, purchasing power will increase sharply. Cake production and business establishments in Soc Trang city also produce a sufficient amount of goods, because according to many businesses, due to the difficult economic situation this year, purchasing power is forecast to be low. increase or even decrease. Therefore, even though the price of input materials has increased, businesses still try to stabilize selling prices like in 2022 to retain customers.

Market management force of Soc Trang province checks cakes sold at 30/4 Park, Soc Trang city (Soc Trang). Photo: HOANG LAN

To ensure a stable market during the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival, in parallel with inspection and control work, the Provincial Market Management Department integrates propaganda, dissemination of laws, and mobilization of production facilities, Do business strictly in accordance with the provisions of law, do not trade fake food, poor quality food, unknown origin, avoid affecting consumers’ health. In addition, the Provincial Market Management Department recommends that people should choose and consume mooncakes, pia cake products… with clear brands, labels, and expiry dates, especially giving priority. Choose domestic products. People should not buy moon cakes without knowing the origin of the product, to avoid losing money and suffering. During use, people need to preserve and use according to the instructions on the product packaging and some recommended notes from the manufacturer… to ensure health safety for themselves and their families. .

Mid-Autumn Festival is considered a reunion festival and allows each family to bond and ensure health on the reunion day, in addition to the inspection and control of functional agencies; awareness and responsibility in production and business of enterprises, each person must be a wise consumer in choosing, purchasing and using quality products. At the same time, boldly report immediately to the authorities or the hotline of the Provincial Market Management Department to promptly handle cases of producing, trading moon cakes, pia cake or other foods. Other products do not have a clear origin, show signs of counterfeiting, poor quality… so that everyone can have a joyful, meaningful and safe Tet reunion.


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