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Each officer, party member, and union member promotes the spirit of proactive learning, practicing moral qualities, improving professional capacity, and fostering life skills. Associate specialized learning with studying the Vietcombank Cultural Handbook, complying with customer service quality standards at Vietcombank’s transaction points and regulations of conduct and professional ethics of Vietcombank staff.

Vietcombank Tuyen Quang officials and party members actively participate in training courses to improve their professional qualifications.

The party cell’s efforts in promoting the training of moral qualities and transaction style among all party members and workers at the branch have brought good results. Studying and following Uncle Ho becomes a voluntary and regular job, adjusting daily communication behavior to be friendly, civilized, and professional.

In recent years, the professional style and transaction style of bank staff at the branch have been increasingly loved and trusted by customers to use the service. Customers come and stay with the branch for a long time not only because of the diverse and suitable products and services, but most importantly, the satisfaction with the quality of service and the honest and enthusiastic qualities of the staff. Vietcombank.

Many traditional customers always choose Vietcombank to transact because the branch has accompanied them since they first established a business household or private enterprise, which has now become a large-scale production and business company in the area. . There are many cases where customers who made mistakes in transactions received timely support, so we are very grateful.

The branch’s officers and employees strive every day to serve customers professionally, absolutely not being negative or accepting customer envelopes. Mr. Nguyen Van Huy, in charge of the branch’s treasury department, shared: “As a bank officer, I am always conscious of maintaining clean ethics, trying to perfect and improve my professional qualifications, and strictly comply with regulations.” Professional process in counting, delivering and receiving, ensuring the safety of treasury work. After counting, if there is excess money, the bank and I will immediately contact the customer to carry out refund procedures.”

Since its establishment, Vietcombank Tuyen Quang Branch has had no outstanding problems, no party members violating the Party’s regulations, legal policies of the State and the banking industry. The branch is always a typical unit of the banking industry in Tuyen Quang province.

To strive to become an officer with good expertise, rich in experience, and with many initiatives, each branch officer is always actively training. The spirit of learning is always strongly spread through self-training programs. In particular, managers and party members are exemplary in studying, training, and inspiring the unit’s workers.

Vietcombank Tuyen Quang was honored as typical sponsors.

At the same time, the cell has implemented many mechanisms to promote and recognize capable officers. All appointments, planning, and recruitment are carried out in a transparent, democratic, public, and objective manner, ensuring that everyone with qualifications receives equal opportunities. In addition, the branch promptly encourages, motivates, and rewards officials and party members who excellently complete business tasks, ensuring rewards for “the right people, right jobs”; thereby helping management become effective, motivating and encouraging staff to promote the spirit of solidarity, dynamism, and strive to create outstanding results.

Vietcombank Tuyen Quang has had many activities and programs to support people in economic development. The branch’s total market capital mobilization reached over 78%; Total outstanding credit reached over 86%; bad debt below 0.23%; Other targets all met and exceeded the 2023 plan; Profit reached over 70% and is expected to reach 100% of the yearly plan.

Along with doing well in production and business activities, Vietcombank Tuyen Quang actively participates in humanitarian and charitable activities, contributing to the goal of leaving no one behind. The unit has promoted support for the poor, victims of Agent Orange, and supported the construction of infrastructure in new rural communes.

Mr. Ha Thanh Hai, Director of Vietcombank Tuyen Quang, said: With the above awareness, responsibility and efforts, the result that Vietcombank Tuyen Quang has achieved is the trust and recognition of customers. In the coming years, studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example and style will continue to become a regular and continuous activity of Vietcombank Tuyen Quang cell and branch, thereby contributing to building the image of Vietcombank Tuyen Quang. A dedicated, professional, enthusiastic, and creative bank officer who continues to join the banking industry in general in maintaining its key role as the “lifeblood of the economy” contributing to building an increasingly rich country. stronger, bigger and more beautiful like our beloved Uncle Ho always wished.

Trieu Viet Hoa

Vietcombank Tuyen Quang Branch

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