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GNO – On the afternoon of November 19, at Kompong SaLa Pagoda – Tha La Pagoda (Ngoc Bien Commune, Tra Cu District, Tra Vinh Province) solemnly held a Kathina robe offering ceremony to congratulate the monks on their 3-month Retreat. The year of the Buddhist calendar is 2567, an additional year of Buddhism according to the Khmer Theravada Buddhist tradition.

Buddhists wearing robes and carrying four items circumambulate the main hall

The ceremony was attended by Venerable Thach Ngoc Ro, Advisor to the Patriotic Monks Solidarity Association H.Tra Cu, abbot of Kompong SaLa Pagoda, along with all monks, the Board of Directors and a large number of good men and believers. female Buddhist.

The ceremony program took place at the lecture hall: worshiping the Three Jewels, sprinkling water to pray for blessings to the Buddhist ashram and presenting Certificates of Merit to the benefactors’ families.

The donors offered their Kathina robes to the monks

Speaking at the ceremony, Venerable Thach Soc Kha, deputy abbot of Kompong Sala pagoda, thanked the merits of the three donor families, along with Buddhists from near and far who made a commitment to offer Kathina robes to the monks of Kompong Sala pagoda.

In joy, 3 Prajna drums rang out, Buddhists wearing robes circumambulated the Buddha 3 times in harmony with the Kathina robe offering prayer.

View of the ceremony

View of the ceremony

At the main hall, under the guidance and presiding of Venerable Thach Ngoc Ro, the donors received the three refuges and five precepts, respectfully offered the Kathina robe and four items to the Bhikkhu Sangha.

After that, in a solemn and pure atmosphere, the monks met with the monks, performed the ritual of declaring the monkhood, took on Kathina robes and invited the monks to recite sutras to dedicate the merits to the deceased Nine Mystic Seven Patriarchs. reborn in a peaceful world.

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