Another driver was prosecuted

Another driver was prosecuted
Another driver was prosecuted

TPO – Regarding a particularly serious traffic accident that killed 5 people and injured 10 people, on November 20, Lang Son Provincial Police said that the investigation agency has decided to prosecute the defendant. , temporary arrest warrant for Nguyen Van Tuan (born 1985), residing in Lieu Ngan village, Hoang Van commune, Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province to investigate the act of “Violating regulations on participating in road traffic”. ”.

Investigation results determined that the traffic accident was driven by Quach Dinh Trong (born 1966), residing in group 23, area 3, Ha Tu ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province, with license plate. 14B-036.57 driving towards Lang Son – Hanoi did not pay attention, drove at an illegal speed and crashed into the left rear of a tractor-trailer, license plate 98C-016.45, pulling a semi-trailer 98R- 013.79, on a cement truck.

The above tractor-trailer driven by Nguyen Van Tuan had a broken engine, was parked in the same direction in front, did not turn on the danger warning lights, and did not place danger warning signs in front or behind the car.

Thereby, the Police Department prosecuted driver Nguyen Van Tuan for the crime of “Violating regulations on road traffic participation”.

Scene of the accident.

Previously, on November 1, Lang Son Provincial Police issued a decision to prosecute the defendant and ordered Quach Dinh Trong to be temporarily detained. Through documents and extensive investigation of the case, the Police Investigation Agency of Lang Son Provincial Police decided to prosecute the defendant and ordered the arrest of the defendant to temporarily detain Nguyen Van Tuan.

As Tien Phong reported, at about 2:10 a.m. on October 31, at Km70+830, National Highway 1A, in Hoa Lac commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province), a traffic accident occurred between 16-seat passenger contract car 14B-036.57 with tractor 98C-016.45, towing semi-trailer 98R-013.79. After that, the 16-seat passenger contract car continued to collide with tractor-trailer car 77H-041.15, pulling semi-trailer 77R-046.08 running in the opposite direction. As a result of the accident, 5 people died and 10 were injured.

The initial cause was determined that when passenger car 14B-036.57 reached the above road, it was a steep slope, it was dark and there were no street lights, so it hit the left rear of the damaged tractor-trailer car 98C-016.45, which was stopped and parked. side street. Local authorities have conducted a comprehensive investigation so as not to miss the criminals and those involved in the particularly serious traffic accident case mentioned above.

Nguyen Duy Chien

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