Fronts and unions, people participate in building the Party and government


In recent times, the Fatherland Front (Fatherland Front) at all levels of Dak Nong province has always actively participated in building the Party and government, and consolidating the great national unity.

With the motto “people know, people discuss, people do, people check, monitor and people benefit”, the Dak Nong Provincial Front at all levels always promotes the role of the People in implementing political tasks in local.

These days, village 9, Nhan Co commune, Dak R’lap district, Dak Nong is building a village hall. The project has an area of ​​130m2 with a total cost of 800 million VND, of which the People contributed 120 million VND.

In order for the capital to be effective, the Fatherland Front Committee of Nhan Co commune decided to establish the Community Investment Supervision Board of Village 9 with 7 members, including representatives of 2 households.

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Village Hall 9 was built to meet the daily needs of the people, contributing to perfecting the criteria for building advanced new rural areas of Nhan Co commune, Dak R’lap district (Dak Nong).

Mr. Le Xuan Hai, Head of the Village Front Work Committee, Head of the Supervisory Board said: “We always determine that State money and People’s money, even a single penny, must be used properly. Furthermore, the village hall is a place where people live and use for a long time, so if it is not done according to proper techniques or uses poor quality materials, it will bring disrepute to the organization.”

Every day, Mr. Hai assigns a person in the Supervisory Board to directly monitor and supervise based on agreed technical drawings and materials. If it is discovered that the contractor is using materials of the wrong type or poor quality, that member will directly make a record and immediately report to the superior for direction.

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The Fatherland Front Committee of Nhan Co commune, Dak R’lap district (Dak Nong) regularly coordinates with the Community Investment Supervision Board of village 9 to inspect and monitor the construction progress of the village hall construction.

According to Ms. Vo Thi Thuy Trang, Chairwoman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Nhan Co Commune, the Commune Fatherland Front always determines that public works are the place that most clearly demonstrates the responsibility of officials to the People and the money and effort contributed by the people. contribute.


Therefore, every time a project wants to be implemented, the Village Front will hold a meeting to get consensus among the people, then establish a Community Investment Supervision Board before implementing it. “By respecting the people and relying on the people, the People’s trust in the Front, the government, and the cadres is always maintained. Thanks to that, every part of the work related to the rights and interests of the People creates high consensus and consensus, without any complaints or lawsuits,” Ms. Trang said.

Farmers in Thuan An commune, Dak Mil district (Dak Nong) contribute money and labor to build rural roads

According to the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, not only in Nhan Co but in other localities in the province, when implementing projects and tasks directly related to the People, the Fatherland Front all established investment supervision boards. community, People’s inspection board. Members of the committee are reputable people, trusted by the people to participate in supervising the construction process to bring benefits to people.

People in Dak D’rong commune, Cu Jut district (Dak Nong) voluntarily dismantled architectural works and donated land to expand roads.

The Community Investment Supervision Board and the People’s Inspection Board operate based on the principles of democratic centralism, openness, transparency, creating trust among the People. Therefore, the role of representing the legitimate rights and interests of the people is increasingly clear.


According to comrade Dieu Xuan Hung, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Dak Nong province, the Fatherland Front at all levels always identifies monitoring activities and listening to people’s opinions as important tasks that contribute to building the Party, Clean and strong government.


On that basis, the Front at all levels coordinated to organize many conferences, meetings, and dialogues with the People. Many opinions and issues were conveyed, informed, and reflected to the authorities for consideration and resolution, contributing to helping party committees and authorities improve the quality of leadership, direction, management, and regulation. onion.

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The coordination of the Fatherland Front at all levels to organize voter meetings is one of the forums for party committees and authorities to listen to voters’ opinions and recommendations.

In addition, the Fatherland Front at all levels regularly sends more officers to the area to grasp the public opinion of voters and the people. Therefore, the work of grasping the People’s situation in the Front system at all levels has gradually become in order, and the quality and efficiency of information has been improved.

According to Ms. Cao Thi Nguyen, Chairwoman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Dak Lao commune, Dak Mil district, Dak Nong, listening to the people is always done regularly and continuously by the Fatherland Front at all levels, anytime, anywhere. People also give feedback through voter meetings, village meetings or by calling or texting to discuss shortcomings and undone issues of individuals and groups at commune and village levels.

And Mr. K’Srai, Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Dak Nia Commune, Gia Nghia City, Dak Nong, said that promoting democracy among the People has always been focused on by the Fatherland Front of the Commune in many different forms. As in building new rural areas, before implementing any criteria, the Front consults widely with the People to reach a consensus from implementation to how to do it. From then on, the People saw their roles and responsibilities, so they always agreed and agreed.


Fronts at all levels always stick close to the grassroots, promote the role of core forces, grasp the situation, listen to opinions and legitimate aspirations of ethnic people and parishioners to promptly propagate and explain. , advocate as well as report to party committees and authorities for resolution.

Proactively fighting against distorted and inciting arguments of some bad elements, promptly detecting and preventing activities contrary to the law on ethnicity and religion, stabilizing the ideology of the People. People are also focused on.

The national unity festival is also an opportunity for party committees and authorities to listen to the people

“The people are considered the “eyes and ears” of the party committee and government. Front officials and socio-political organizations are the people closest to the people. Therefore, listening to the people to give suggestions to the party committee and the government to grasp and adjust things that are not in accordance with the reality on the ground has been done regularly and continuously in many diverse forms. practical”, comrade Dieu Xuan Hung affirmed.

(Part 2: Strengthening social consensus)

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