An Minh 10 years of building new rural areas


An Minh is a district in the U Minh Thuong region. The socio-economic infrastructure, especially rural transportation, is still weak and not synchronized, so calling for investment is still difficult. There are no industrial parks, handicrafts are not yet developed, trade, services, and construction are developing slowly, the economy and people’s lives are mainly exploitation and aquaculture, and rice growing still faces many risks. risks of epidemics, weather, and prices.

Embarking on implementing the national target program to build new rural areas, the Party Committee and authorities of An Minh district have proactively issued documents to direct, deploy, mobilize and propagate people to implement the standards. will build new rural areas. The emulation movement of working together to build new rural areas received strong approval and response from the people, creating great spillover power and gradually bringing practical results.

After more than 10 years of implementing the new rural construction program, An Minh district has achieved many positive results. The face of the countryside is gradually renewed, the environmental landscape is built in a bright, green, clean and beautiful direction; Socio-economic infrastructure is increasingly developing, especially the rural transportation system that ensures cars go to the centers of all communes.

Irrigation systems are invested in more and more effectively, creating favorable conditions for production and transportation of goods. Many production models bring high profits to farmers, people’s income is gradually increased; The average income per capita of the entire district in 2023 will reach 60.8 million VND/year, an increase of 9.25 million VND/person/year compared to 2020; People’s material and spiritual lives are increasingly improved.

People in Minh Co hamlet, Van Khanh Dong commune, An Minh district take care of ornamental flowers, contributing to the beauty of village roads and alleys.

The education system continues to develop in both scale, quantity and quality. People’s health care is given regular attention; all communes and towns have standard medical stations. The political security situation, social order and safety are maintained.

To date, An Minh district has 10/10 communes meeting new rural standards; 1 commune meets advanced new rural standards and 1 town is completing the criteria for certification to meet civilized urban standards. In 2023, the district strives to build two communes, Dong Hung and Van Khanh Dong, to achieve advanced new rural areas and the district completes the criteria for building a new rural district.

Recently, the Provincial New Rural Coordination Office coordinated with departments, branches, and An Minh District People’s Committee to review 9 criteria for new rural districts, resulting in An Minh achieving 6/9 criteria. Not yet met include criterion 1 on planning, criterion 5 on health – culture – education, criterion 6 on economics.

Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of An Minh District People’s Committee Nguyen Van Phi said that An Minh strives to complete the criteria of a new rural district in the period 2021 – 2025. Based on the assessment of provincial agencies, departments and branches , the District People’s Committee proposed many solutions to improve the quality of new rural district criteria.

An Minh proposed that the provincial steering committee, departments and branches support the district in investing and improving unmet criteria, especially in health, rural clean water, environment, calling for regional investment, industrial cluster, building high school meeting national standards; Request to support the district in building Thu Thien Eleven town to meet civilized urban standards.

An Minh urgently needs investment and capital support from programs, projects… for communes implementing advanced new rural areas to invest in maintaining and repairing works and improving the quality of criteria. .

Regarding production, An Minh will form a concentrated rice and shrimp production area with an area of ​​6,000 – 10,000 hectares produced according to VietGAP and organic standards, striving for over 50% of the district’s key product production area. production in a linked chain…

Article and photos: THUY TRANG

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