Fulfill tax obligations

Fulfill tax obligations
Fulfill tax obligations

YenBaiTo honor businesses with good achievements in implementing tax policies, creating many jobs for workers in a difficult economic context, recently, the Provincial Tax Department selected 47 typical businesses to reward; Among them, 3 businesses were awarded certificates of merit by the General Department of Taxation and 44 enterprises and business households were awarded certificates of merit by the Provincial Tax Department.

Over the past time, with the efforts of the entire political system, the business community and entrepreneurs, the province’s socio-economic development tasks and goals for 2022 have all achieved and exceeded the set plan. In particular, the results of state budget revenue in the province reached 4,616.6 billion VND, equal to 100.4% of the estimate assigned by the Provincial People’s Council and 105.3% over the same period. 10/10 units completed budget revenue estimates.

In the 2022 budget revenue results, there is a huge contribution from businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual business households, whose revenue always accounts for a high proportion of over 51% of the total annual domestic revenue. locality.

Businesses and individuals with high amounts of revenue paid to the State budget and good compliance with tax policies and laws such as: Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock Company paid over 138 billion VND; Yen Bai Petroleum Company paid over 116.5 billion VND to the budget…

Business households and individuals also contribute significantly to the province’s economic growth. Many business households have good budget contributions: Nguyen Duc Hai business household has paid over 237 million VND to the budget; Pham Hong Nhung business household paid over 184 million VND…

Along with that, businesses and taxpayers in the area are actively applying digital transformation, modernizing production and business activities and fulfilling tax obligations. 100% of businesses and individual business households have used electronic tax service applications in tax declaration, tax payment, and tax refund. 100% of documents and tax refund amounts in the case of export and investment are done electronically.

Comrade Ngo Hanh Phuc – Member of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee said: “In 2022, despite many difficulties, businesses and business households in the province were dynamic, creative, Find measures to maintain and develop production, improve economic efficiency, create more jobs and income for workers, comply with tax policies, create a stable source of revenue for the budget, and contribute to creating resources for local socio-economic development”.

All businesses have implemented production and business on digital platforms. By June 30, 2022, the province has completed the implementation and application of electronic invoices, 100% of businesses and households declaring have implemented them. Currently registering and using electronic invoices.

Criteria for the tax industry to evaluate and praise typical businesses and taxpayers based on good compliance with tax laws; No tax administrative penalties for tax evasion; will not be handled by law enforcement agencies for illegal invoice trading until the end of 2022.

Regarding contributions to the State budget, businesses are praised for making major contributions to the State budget by business field and each locality. Timely rewards have contributed to motivating and encouraging businesses to improve their responsibility and successfully complete their tasks of paying to the State budget.

At the same time, the tax industry effectively propagates and disseminates tax policies to taxpayers; Strengthen the effective management and exploitation of revenue sources; Focus on removing difficulties for production and business.

Mr. Nong Xuan Hung – Director of the Provincial Tax Department said: “To support businesses and taxpayers in the coming time, the unit will continue to advise party committees and authorities, and coordinate closely with branches in a timely manner. remove difficulties, create favorable conditions for businesses, households and individuals to develop production and business; review tax administrative procedures, promptly deploy action programs to implement the Government’s Resolution Government, Law on Support for Small and Medium Enterprises… in order to strengthen the resolution of problems and recommendations of businesses, support start-up businesses; maintain propaganda activities, disseminate new policies, answer questions and provide guidance. Guidance in implementing tax policy, creating convenience for taxpayers.

To develop production and business and fulfill budget obligations, organizations, enterprises, and business households need to continue to promote the spirit of self-reliance, self-reliance, and creative labor to overcome difficulties. Search for markets, improve product and goods quality; maintain and develop production and business; At the same time, comply well with tax obligations to the state budget.

The tax sector proactively advises local party committees and authorities on State budget collection solutions in the area, directs tax teams to clearly understand the revenue sources of each organization and individual, and propagates, Mobilize people to comply well with tax laws; Organize strict control of tax declaration, deduction, exemption, tax payment extension, tax finalization of businesses and urge budget collection according to regulations…

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