Ba Ria – Vung Tau: How far has the Bien Hoa – Vung Tau expressway project been implemented?


(Construction) – The Transport Project Management Board of Cai Mep – Thi Vai Port area has just issued a Report on the implementation status of component 3 project of the Bien Hoa – Vung Tau expressway construction project, state 1.

Component project 3 of the Bien Hoa – Vung Tau expressway construction project is being implemented.

Disbursement reached nearly 100%

According to the report, the total land area that needs to be recovered to implement the project is 137.52 hectares, including 1,210 households and organizations. Of which, Ba Ria city is 22.77 hectares including 151 households and organizations; Phu My town is 114.75 hectares including 1,059 households and organizations.

By November 3, the total compensation budget approved by the Decision was VND 2,611.7 billion for 1,181 households and organizations. The total cost paid is 2,514.04 billion VND for 1,129 households and organizations. By November 3, the total area of ​​households that signed handover records after receiving compensation and support funds was 132.48 hectares, reaching 96.33%.

In 2023, the project is allocated 440 billion VND of provincial budget capital and 570,243 billion VND (local capital extended from 2022), 1,018 billion VND of central budget capital. Provincial budget advance capital is 494 billion VND. To date, in 2023 the project has disbursed 2,517,613 billion VND, equivalent to 99.8%.

In addition, on October 5, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Proposal No. 8275 advising the Government to submit to the National Assembly Standing Committee on the allocation and adjustment of the Central Budget Capital Investment Plan for 2023. between ministries, central agencies and localities. In particular, it is proposed to add 500 billion VND for project component 3.

Regarding the source of materials used for the project, the People’s Committee of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province has licensed the exploitation of 27.52 hectares within the 47.4 hectares of land fill area in Xuan Son commune, Chau Duc district. Currently, Ba Ria Rubber Company has completed liquidation procedures over the entire area of ​​47.4 hectares and on November 1, 2023, will organize field handover to Chau Duc District People’s Committee and Project Management Board.

In order to speed up project construction progress during the rainy season, on October 17, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment chaired and organized a survey of areas proposed by the contractor to be added. Based on the survey results, on October 30, 2023, the Project Management Board issued a document requesting the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to consider allowing the leveling of Ong Duyet hill area, Suoi Rao commune, Chau district. Germany with an area of ​​about 4.46 hectares to exploit land to provide for the project.

Regarding the source of stone materials, the Provincial People’s Committee has confirmed the area, capacity, volume, methods, equipment, plans and environmental protection in mining minerals for common construction materials at Lot IIB, Chau Commune. Phase, Phu My town to serve project construction. The Department of Industry and Trade will conduct a field inspection of the IIB mine before granting a license for use on November 2.

Deploying 11 bridge and road construction sites

The Cai Mep – Thi Vai Port Area Traffic Project Management Board said that currently, on the entire route, all 3 contractors are simultaneously implementing construction with more than 11 construction tasks. For the bridge part, preparations and construction organization have been completed at bridge locations (Suoi Nhum bridge at Km37+489; Hoi Bai – Chau Pha overpass at Km43+050; Suoi Da bridge at Km45+ 601; overpass Km43+767).

The joint venture of all three contractors is simultaneously implementing construction with more than 11 construction tasks.

93 bored piles have been constructed for the Hoi Bai – Chau Pha overpass and Suoi Da bridge; Suoi Nhum bridge and Km43+767 overpass. Pouring concrete abutments for Hoi Bai – Chau Pha overpass and Suoi Da bridge. Casting beam 09 is underway at Suoi Nhum bridge and Suoi Da bridge.

The road section has completed the preparation work and organized the construction of land clearing, site cleaning and organic dredging of sections from Km34+200 to Km53+700; build dams, block the flow and construct culverts; sand the road base 0.37Km/1.5Km; Organize test embankment of K95 roadbed; Public service road construction…

Road construction work is currently facing difficulties as it is during the peak of the rainy season, affecting the progress of the drainage system and embankment.

The accumulated value of project construction to date is about: 67,599/1,847,687 billion VND (3.66%).

Bien Hoa – Vung Tau Expressway has a total length of about 53.7km. In particular, component 3 project through Ba Ria – Vung Tau province has a route length of 19.5km. Phase 1, the project has a total investment of 4,964 billion VND, with 4 expressway lanes, roadbed width from 24.75m to 27m; The expansion completion phase ensures the scale of 06 expressway lanes. Land clearance according to the scale of a complete 6-lane expressway (average width of about 67 m).

The project includes 1 construction and installation package, the construction value of the contract is 1,847.687 billion VND; Contract implementation time is 806 days (starting in June 2023, completed in September 2025). The construction contractor is a joint venture of Son Hai Group Company Limited – 479 Hoa Binh Joint Stock Company – 703 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company.

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