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On November 21, the functional forces of Vung Tau City coordinated with the People’s Committee of Ward 10 to organize forced land recovery for 2 households and individuals to build a road bordering the 10-hectare Resettlement Area. (in 58ha, Ward 10, Vung Tau City).

The authorities read the decision to forcibly confiscate land
Authorities carried out enforcement

Households subject to enforcement include: Nguyen Thi Thuy, land area recovered 134m22 (belonging to plot 20) and 250.9m2 (belonging to plot 15+16) located in ward 10. Currently on the land there is a temporary house for rent as a waste warehouse and an empty iron frame and purlin; Tran Thi Danh, recovered area 10.4m2 (adjacent to 225/8C Luu Chi Hieu, Ward 10). Current status of vacant land.

News, photos: PHUOC AN

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