“Sprint” disbursement of public investment capital


10:26, November 21, 2023

BHG – With just over a month left until the end of the 2023 fiscal year, the province’s current top priority task is the “sprint” of disbursement of public investment capital; Synchronously deploy solutions to avoid the situation of having money but not being able to spend it.

Identifying “bottlenecks”

In order to speed up the disbursement of public investment capital in the last months of the year, our province deploys and implements drastically and urgently documents, plans and directives of the Central Committee, Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Committee on accelerating progress. disbursement of public investment capital and progress of implementation of projects and works in the area; especially key transportation projects and projects under the Socio-Economic Development Recovery Program; The working group according to the decisions of the Provincial People’s Committee regularly works with investors to promptly remove problems, especially compensation, site clearance, support and resettlement. Investors improve management capacity, planning, commitment to project implementation and implementation; Urging contractors to concentrate human resources, means and equipment to speed up project construction progress; ensure sources of raw materials for construction projects.

The construction contractor mobilized machinery to speed up the progress of the Ha Giang – Tuyen Quang expressway project.

As of November 13, the province’s disbursed capital was over VND 4,397 billion, reaching 59.74% of the plan; Of which, disbursement of the capital plan extends the payment time from 2022 to 2023 over VND 765 billion, reaching 57.41% of the plan. Total disbursed capital in 2023 (excluding land use revenue, increased collection tasks and provincial budget) is over 3,560 billion VND, reaching 59.58% of the plan; Of which, investment capital in the local budget balance disbursed over 701 billion VND, reaching 74.72% of the plan; Central budget capital disbursed over 1,004 billion VND, reaching 45.51% of the plan; The socio-economic recovery and development program disbursed over VND 1,094 billion, reaching 81.64% of the plan; The national target program disbursed over 759 billion VND, reaching 59.17% of the plan; The national target program’s career capital is over 769 billion VND, reaching 36.7% of the plan.

Director of the Department of Planning and Investment Luong Van Doan said: The disbursement rate compared to the plan is still slow; Among the investors assigned large capital sources, there are 22 investors disbursement above average; 12 investors disbursed below average. The main “bottleneck” leading to the low disbursement rate is that some departments, branches and localities are still not drastic in directing implementation; Site clearance work is still slow; The survey and preparation of project design documents were not consistent with reality… leading to project adjustments, design/construction design adjustments, slowing down the project’s construction progress.

Determined to solve

Vi Xuyen town’s inner-city road project has been accelerated in site clearance and project implementation.

In order to ensure economic growth from now until the end of the year, the province focuses on drastically implementing solutions to promote disbursement of public investment capital in 2023; In particular, investors with large amounts of allocated capital and assigned to manage key projects are determined to drastically speed up construction progress, making efforts to “overcome the sun, beat the rain” to disburse the funds. committed capital. Review and adjust the 2023 capital plan for projects that are not capable of implementation and disburse additional funds for projects with good disbursement ability. Raise the sense of responsibility of heads of agencies, units, party committees, and local authorities.

Although the district has a new disbursement rate of about 55%, only in the top average compared to other industries and localities in the province, Vi Xuyen district is trying to implement solutions to overcome difficulties to overcome difficulties. speed in disbursement of public investment capital. Chairman of Vi Xuyen District People’s Committee, Hoang Thanh Tinh shared: The district is determined and committed to disbursing public investment capital at the highest possible level. Focus on solving difficulties with materials, completing payment procedures, finalizing completed projects, and handing over for use.

There is not much time left from now until the end of the year. To ensure the set goals of disbursement of public investment capital, the province’s functional branches are focusing on guiding the counting and measuring of land areas and prices. Land compensation and site clearance are close to reality, ensuring quick site handover to implement the project on schedule. Strengthen inspection, examination and supervision of the implementation of public investment plans to ensure the correct purpose and quality of projects. At the same time, there are measures to handle investors and construction contractors who violate construction progress and quality, and violate signed contract terms; Replacing contractors with weak capacity and unable to meet requirements.

Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Son said: The province has directed sectors, localities, and project investors to determine disbursement of public investment capital as a key political task, focusing on priority in direction and management. actions associated with the responsibility of the leader. Accelerate the implementation progress of key public investment projects and works; Works and projects have pervasive impacts. Drastically and proactively remove difficulties and obstacles in a timely and effective manner. On the other hand, implement a mechanism for clearly and specifically assigning, assigning responsibilities, and coordinating the authority and responsibilities between agencies and units in completing project investment procedures. Strengthen field inspection and supervision, urge contractors and consultants to speed up progress and take responsibility for the disbursement results of each project; Consider this a basis for evaluating and ranking the level of completion of assigned tasks in 2023.

Article and photos: KIM TIEN

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