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In the context of globalization and increasingly deep international integration, culture is used by many countries as an effective tool of “soft power”. Thereby, contributing to promoting the national image, enhancing position, especially “increasing national recognition” for partners. Keeping pace with that trend, Quang Ninh province has strengthened and expanded cooperation and cultural exchanges with foreign and international organizations; linking cultural diplomacy activities with foreign information activities, political diplomacy and economic diplomacy; Gathering the strength of Vietnamese people in general and Quang Ninh people in particular abroad…

Quang Ninh province (Vietnam) and Hokkaido province (Japan) signed a cooperation agreement.

Spreading the value of cultural diplomacy

The Hokkaido Festival in Ha Long in 2023 and activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan in Quang Ninh taking place from November 16 to 19 were successfully organized. This is an important milestone that opens a new stage in the friendship and cooperation between Quang Ninh province and Hokkaido province in particular and between Quang Ninh and Japan in general.

Governor of Hokkaido province Suzuki Naomichi affirmed: Hokkaido province and Quang Ninh province are promoting exchange and cooperation activities, the first being the Hokkaido Festival in Ha Long in 2023. The festival as well as events on the sidelines of the festival are An opportunity to introduce the potential and strengths of Hokkaido province, especially in the fields of tourism, cuisine, agriculture and industry, to the people of Quang Ninh in particular and Vietnam in general. Through this, we will contribute to bringing the relationship between the two provinces to new heights and develop strongly and sustainably.

Opening of the 17th East Asia Interregional Tourism Forum (EATOF) General Assembly in Quang Ninh (October 2022).

It can be seen that from the beginning of 2022 until now, Quang Ninh province has successfully organized many important foreign events, such as: Online Conference Meeting in the Spring of 2022 and the 13th Conference of the Joint Venture Working Committee. cooperation between the provinces of Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Cao Bang, Ha Giang (Vietnam) and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (China), Online conference celebrating 5 years of establishing friendly relations with Phuc province Kien (China), Investment Promotion Conference of Quang Ninh Province in 2022 within the framework of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) event, the 5th East Asia Interregional Tourism Forum (EATOF) General Assembly 17 in 2022 associated with EATOF’s 20th Anniversary; SEA Games 31; “Vietnam – China Friendship Singing” contest in 2022…

The successful organization of important foreign affairs events has contributed to spreading the image of Quang Ninh and Vietnam to other countries, helping friends and partners better understand its economic, cultural and social achievements. , especially the policy and foreign policy of friendship and development cooperation of Quang Ninh, Vietnam. Along with that, it helps strengthen political trust, deepen friendship, create new momentum to deepen Quang Ninh’s relations with many partners, especially important partners and traditional friends. systems and potential partners.

In fact, with its unique geopolitical location, the Party Committee and government of Quang Ninh province recognized from afar the role and importance of cultural diplomacy. Quang Ninh has closely followed the Party and State’s foreign policies and guidelines to proactively and flexibly deploy cultural diplomacy work locally, ensuring synchronization and suitability with the province’s practical conditions. The province has increased the implementation of cooperation programs and cultural exchange activities with foreign localities and international organizations; linking cultural diplomacy activities with foreign information activities, political diplomacy and economic diplomacy…

In the period 2010-2020, the province welcomed international famtrip and presstrip groups to survey and report on tourist routes and destinations in Quang Ninh; Develop publications, handbooks, and video clips in multiple languages ​​(Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese) promoting Quang Ninh culture and tourism to broadcast on means of transport and train stations. , a magazine placed on domestic and international flights; Successfully organized many large-scale Quang Ninh tourism promotion programs in countries: Korea, Japan, China, England, Russia, Czech Republic… Sending delegations to attend events Culture and tourism organized by localities and international partners…

Performing arts performance imbued with national identity at the 2022 Hoa So Festival.
Performing arts performance imbued with national identity at the 2022 Hoa So Festival.

In addition, successfully chaired and coordinated the organization of many typical international cultural events, such as: Yen Tu Cherry Blossom – Apricot Festival, Ha Long Carnaval Festival, Friendly singing exchange competition Vietnam – China Conference on the border river, Vietnam – China Friendship Singing Competition, International Circus Festival – Ha Long 2019, International Music Festival – Ha Long 2020… The above cultural and tourist activities has become a unique local tourism product, making culture a soft power, attracting international tourists and foreign investors to Quang Ninh, taking advantage of external resources and international support. economic for the province. At the same time, thereby promoting the image of a dynamic, vibrant, colorful Quang Ninh, making an effective contribution to the country’s international integration process.

Not only successfully and impressively organizing cultural, sports and tourism events at national and international levels, creating a strong spillover effect, businesses and localities of the province also stepped up the organization of activities, cultural and sports events rich in identity, to maximize the potential and advantages of local tourism, such as: Culture – Tourism Week, Binh Lieu Golden Season Festival in 2022, Binh Lieu Flower Festival in 2022 2022; The 2nd Van Don Culinary Culture Festival; San Chi Ethnic Culture and Sports Festival – Golden Soong Palm Season (Tien Yen)… These events are an opportunity to promote the image, identity, culture and people of Quang Ninh province, the destination to “Safe, friendly, attractive” for tourists and investors.

“The key” to development

It can be affirmed that cultural diplomacy has made an important contribution to paving the way for friendly and cooperative relations of Quang Ninh province with localities and foreign partners. This is also a catalyst to promote political diplomacy and economic diplomacy; is a tool to strongly promote the culture and image of Quang Ninh province to the international arena, helping to affirm and maintain the province’s brand. At the same time, it has made an important contribution to the province’s economic growth in recent years.

In 2020, during the difficult period of the economy due to the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Quang Ninh province still attracted many investors and large domestic and international corporations to trust and choose to invest. , developing large-scale projects. Attracting investment in industrial parks and economic zones in the province in 2020 reached about 28,387.5 billion VND, equivalent to about 1,218 million USD, of which FDI capital was about 592.5 million USD, 2.6 times higher. compared to 2019.

Leaders of the Economic Zone Management Board of Quang Ninh province awarded the investment registration certificate of Jinko Solar Hai Ha Vietnam Photovoltaic Cell Technology Complex Project to Jinko Solar Vietnam Industry Company Limited, October 22 /2023.
Leaders of the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board awarded the investment registration certificate for the Jinko Solar Hai Ha Vietnam photovoltaic cell technology complex project to Jinko Solar Vietnam Industry Company Limited (October 2023).

Overcoming the difficult period of the Covid-19 epidemic, in 2022, with high determination, great efforts, joint efforts and consensus of the entire political system, Quang Ninh province has achieved important results. Specifically, the economic growth rate (GRDP) reached 10.28%, the 7th consecutive year (2016-2022) of double-digit growth. Total tourists are estimated to reach 11.6 million, 2.6 times higher than in 2021. Export turnover of businesses in the area is estimated at 2,783 million USD, an increase of 8.58% compared to 2021. Only Quang Ninh’s Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) continues to hold the Champion position for 5 consecutive years (2016-2021); The satisfaction index with administrative services (SIPAS) ranked first in the country for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021), the Administrative Reform Index (PAR INDEX) in 2021 ranked second in the country.

In fact, cultural diplomacy is an important element in the diplomacy of Vietnam in general and Quang Ninh in particular. Especially, in the context of complex and unpredictable developments in the world; In particular, the science and technology revolution creates strong, multi-dimensional impacts, countries increasingly attach importance to the role of cultural diplomacy in promoting national image, strengthening soft power, enhancing position, In particular, “increase national recognition” for partners.

Keeping pace with that trend, as well as closely following the Cultural Diplomacy Strategy until 2030 according to Decision No. 2013/QD-TTg (November 30, 2021) of the Prime Minister, the Provincial People’s Committee has issued Plan No. 188/KH-UBND (August 4, 2022) on implementing the Cultural Diplomacy Strategy of Quang Ninh province until 2030. In particular, proactively propagate and raise awareness of cultural diplomacy in the locality. Communicate, inform, and propagate in a diverse and creative manner, focusing on exploiting and developing the advantages of information technology and modern forms of communication to maximize people’s accessibility. domestically and internationally.

Culture and Sports Week of Ethnic Minorities in the Northeast of Quang Ninh province conveys the message of a land rich in cultural identity. Photo: Xuan Hoa
Culture and Sports Week of Ethnic Minorities in the Northeast of Quang Ninh province conveys the message of a land rich in cultural identity. Photo: Xuan Hoa

Quang Ninh has actively promoted the images and cultural identities of local ethnic groups to friends and the international community; absorbing the quintessence of human culture through promoting and implementing well the organization of traditional festivals, events, and typical and unique cultural and artistic activities of the province. At the same time, invest, promote and preserve tangible and intangible cultural values ​​in the province; promote the development of cultural industries in the province; Host and coordinate the organization of international cultural and artistic events in the province; integrating cultural industry development promotion programs associated with cultural diplomacy events at home and abroad.

The province also focuses on closely linking cultural diplomacy with political diplomacy, through continuing to maintain cultural diplomacy activities with localities with traditional friendly cooperation as well as development and openness. Expand exchanges and cooperation with cities and localities around the world; Deploy a cultural diplomacy strategy linked to economic diplomacy activities through promotion and stimulation programs for tourism and international trade.

Along with that, connect cultural diplomacy activities with the Quang Ninh and Vietnamese community abroad in promoting the image and cultural identity of Quang Ninh province. As well as, increasing resources, training and fostering cultural diplomacy and building, perfecting and ensuring the implementation of mechanisms and policies. Since then, cultural diplomacy has become an important pillar in the province’s foreign affairs work; Create consensus in awareness and action from government to organizations, businesses and people.

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