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Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police discovered 11 drivers using drugs on Highway 1


On November 20, the Road and Railway Traffic Police Department (PC08) – Ho Chi Minh City Police has just announced the results of the first 5 days of deployment to implement the plan to patrol, control, and handle violations of order and security. traffic safety on National Highway 1, the section passing through Ho Chi Minh City.

Specifically, in 5 days (from November 15 to 19), Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police controlled 12,864 vehicles, including: 2,653 passenger cars, 5,117 trucks, 1,555 cars, 1,192 container trucks and 2,341 motorbikes and 6 other vehicle type.

Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police coordinated with other forces to handle a driver using drugs. Photo: Traffic police

Thereby, Traffic Police discovered and handled 1,022 violations including: 151 passenger cars, 147 trucks, 36 cars, 45 container trucks, 640 motorbikes, and 3 other vehicles.

Of these, there were 291 cases of drivers being handled for alcohol violations, 11 cases of driving for drug violations; 151 cases of drivers violating speed; 509 cases of other violations…

According to PC08 room, currently, the situation of truck drivers, passenger cars, and motorcyclists participating in traffic using drugs, narcotics, stimulants… is a very worrying problem, because difficult to check and detect.

Traffic police strengthen patrols, control, and handle violations of traffic order and safety on National Highway 1. Photo: Traffic police

The cause of this situation is that many drivers are addicted to drugs, have no awareness of complying with the law, and deliberately violate the law even though they know their behavior endangers society. Furthermore, state management in the transport sector is still limited, some transport businesses are lax on this issue, do not regularly organize inspections and supervision of drivers, focusing only on profits in operations. business…

Although there are no specific statistics, the reality of drug-addicted drivers has many potential consequences for traffic safety and order.

PC08 Department also added that during the implementation of the plan to patrol and control and handle violations of traffic order and safety on National Highway 1, the section passing through Ho Chi Minh City), the traffic police force will strengthen Professional measures to prevent, detect, stop and strictly handle violations.

Traffic police coordinate with professional units, ward and commune police… to conduct a general review of transport businesses on the route and make a list, classify and find the number of drivers showing signs of drug use, then organize an inspection. Check at the parking lot or on the route.

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