Tuyen Quang promotes administrative reform, digital transformation, creating an environment for investment and business


Administrative reform aims at people’s satisfaction

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee issued the Directive on improving the investment and business environment and enhancing the province’s competitiveness in the period 2021-2025. CDirect the development, promulgation and implementation Scheme promote Administrative reform and e-government building towards the digital government of Tuyen Quang provinceperiod 2021-2025oriented to 2030. Cimprove administrative reform, improve the business environment, and enhance the competitiveness of the province and district level continue raised, contributing to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management; improve the investment environment, promote socio-economic development. In 2022, the administrative reform index (PARINDEX) of Tuyen Quang province will reach 81.72% (ranked 32/63 provinces and cities, up 3 places compared to 2020); The satisfaction index of people and organizations with the services of state administrative agencies (SIPAS) at the provincial level reached 81.72% (ranked 22/63 provinces and cities, up 27 places compared to last year). 2020).

Agencies and units in the province havePromote propaganda, guidance and support for businesses to use online public services in handling administrative procedures in the field of establishment and operation of businesses, and return results of administrative procedures on business registration via public postal service. 100% of agencies and units receive and resolve administrative procedures on the Resolution Information System administrative procedures province, integrated and connected with the National Public Service Portal. The settlement administrative procedures In the electronic environment, the rate of documents being resolved is promoted administrative procedures ahead and on time reaching 99.86%. Establish, Put into operation the Public Administration Service Centerinitially effective, create favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to perform public services.

People have more ways to access administrative procedures

The province has bIssue and implement the Tuyen Quang province investment attraction project 2021-2025. Tbeneficial, cinactive work with corporations and businesses to attract investment into the province; encourage business development. Organize many investment, trade and tourism promotion activities at home and abroad; Attracting the attention of many potential investors to invest in business projects in the province, such as: Vingroup company; Danko Group; Flamigo Group…, many foreign investors came to survey and invest in the province; amount of investment capital registration reached above 60% of the Project’s target: Viet – Japan Joint Stock Company implements the GO! Trade Center construction project; Niinuma Vietnam Co., Ltd. researches solar power projects; Delta E&C Company researches and implements 02 projects: Na Hang Ecotourism Area and Orange Processing Factory in the province. Focus on removing difficulties and creating favorable conditions for investors to speed up the implementation of off-budget investment projects, complete them early, and put the projects into operation and production..

Continue to innovate and improve the operational efficiency of state-owned enterprises; Promulgate mechanisms and policies to encourage, support and create favorable conditions for the development of all types of businesses, private economies and collective economies.. To date, the total number of enterprises in the province is 2,506 enterprises with a total registered capital of 28,398 billion VND; The number of enterprises/ten thousand people in the province reached 29 enterprises/ten thousand people; The whole province has it 575 cooperatives, with registered capital of 1,302.4 billion VND. The handling of weak cooperatives that have stopped operating and cooperatives that have not yet converted in the province is being seriously implemented.

Regarding digital transformation, the Provincial Party Executive Committee issued a Resolution Topic on strengthening leadership in implementing digital transformation to 2025, vision to 2030. Leveling agencies The province has issued 02 Resolutions, 11 Decisions and 23 Plans serve as a legal basis, identify goals, tasks, solutions, and roadmap for digital transformation of the province in the period 2022-2025 and the following years; demonstrating the determination to carry out digital transformation in a synchronous and comprehensive manner across all three pillars: Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society. To date, 1,824 public administrative services have been provided to serve people and businesses in handling administrative procedures, including 1,130 level 4 public services. The operating information system runs smoothly from the province to the grassroots; Deploying shared systems such as: Online video conferencing system, Tuyen Quang province public service email system, document management and administration software system… to serve direction work , operating from provincial to commune level; The rate of documents exchanged between State administrative agencies, Party agencies, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations in electronic form reached 99%. Established 1,871 Community Digital Technology Teams in villages, hamlets, and residential groups, to raise awareness about digital transformation, bring digital platforms, digital technology, and digital skills to people, and promote digital transformation . Signing and implementing a strategic cooperation agreement on digital transformation, period 2022-2025, orientation to 2030 between Tuyen Quang province and Military Industry – Telecommunications Group (Viettel), Postal Group main – Vietnam Telecommunications (VNPT). Actively implement the National Population Database Project, Project to produce, issue and manage citizen identification cards to ensure quality and progress.

Besides the achieved results, the province’s administrative reform associated with digital transformation still has difficulties and challenges, such as: Some agencies and units implementing the control and handling of administrative procedures are still formal and not substantive, slow in resolving administrative procedures of businesses and people, affecting competitiveness and The province’s investment environment, especially in the fields of land, planning, construction… Tprogress of some projects, project Using extra-budget capital is still slow. CThe business development team is still facing difficulties. The number of enterprises directly producing products is still small. The implementation of targets, requirements, and tasks on digital transformation is still slow and has not met the proposed progress and requirements…

The above limitations and difficulties pose great challenges for the province in proposing solutions and directions in the future.. Tthat seaweed tbang focus on implementing administrative reform projects and building e-government; Promote the application of information technology, simplify administrative procedures associated with improving the provincial competitiveness index (PCI), Especially the component indexes are low. DPromote the provision of comprehensive online public servicesimprove the quality of online public service provision and integration on the national public service portal; Receive documents and return settlement results administrative procedures through the public postal service; ppromote the operational efficiency of the Provincial Public Administration Service Center Ensuring one focal point to quickly and accurately resolve procedures for people and businesses; Build an open, favorable and attractive environment, strongly attracting businesses to invest in the province.

Effective implementation of the policy support small and medium enterprises. Continue to effectively implement the Project to consolidate, innovate and develop the collective and cooperative economy in Tuyen Quang province in the period 2021-2025, with an orientation to 2030; Implement and perfect a new, effective cooperative model. Complete the rearrangement of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises for the period 2022-2025 according to Decision No. 1479/QD-TTg dated November 29, 2022 approved by the Prime Minister. Strongly develop the private economic sector in terms of quantity, quality, efficiency and sustainability; Support the private economy to innovate, modernize technology and develop human resources, improve labor productivity.

With determination and effort in promoting administrative reform associated with digital transformation, we will create an open and attractive investment environment to promote startup, investment, and business development activities, becoming a destination for businesses. trustworthy for domestic and foreign investors./.

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