Quang Ninh focuses on completing disbursement of public investment capital in 2023

Quang Ninh focuses on completing disbursement of public investment capital in 2023
Quang Ninh focuses on completing disbursement of public investment capital in 2023

City. Ha Long is accelerating the construction progress of the road connecting Son Duong – Dong Son, ensuring the disbursement of public investment capital. Photo: Do ​​Phuong

Of which, disbursed central budget capital reached 75.3% of the plan, higher than the same period (33.2%); Disbursed provincial budget capital reached 33.6% of the allocated capital plan, lower than the same period (49.7%); Disbursed district budget reached 58% of the plan assigned at the beginning of the year, reaching 46.3% of the allocated plan.

Some units and localities have good disbursement rates, higher than the provincial average, such as: Department of Construction (99.1%); Provincial Border Guard Command (80.7%); Defense Economic Delegation 327 (76%); Provincial Civil and Industrial Works Investment Project Management Board (66.1%); Provincial People’s Procuracy (57%); Tien Yen district (71.1%); C Auto district (57%); City. Ha Long (52.3%); Dam Ha district (51.4%). Some investors and units have low disbursement rates, such as: Transportation Construction Investment Project Management Board (32.1%); Management board of investment projects for construction of agricultural and rural development works (20.7%); Provincial Police (10.3%); Provincial Economic Zone Management Board (0%); Ha Long University (0%).

Calculating according to the capital disbursement rate of project groups using the provincial budget, it can be seen that newly completed projects disbursed reached 38.2%; forward 38.3%; New construction starts 19.3%. In addition, the disbursement rate of extended capital has only reached 25%, lower than the general disbursement rate of the whole province, especially the disbursement rate of extended capital from the district budget has only reached 19.8% of the plan.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Director of Quang Ninh Department of Planning and Investment, said: For the group of newly started projects at the provincial level, currently only 6/10 projects have started construction, the remaining 4/10 projects have not yet started construction. Of which, 2 projects were allocated capital right from the beginning of the year with a total capital plan of over 970 billion VND. Regarding the district budget, there are currently 8/26 projects that have not yet started construction, including 6 school construction support projects added under Decision No. 1568/QD-UBND dated June 14, 2023 with capital 422.5 billion VND but after nearly 2 months construction has not yet started.

At the regular meeting of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province at the end of October, according to the assessments and assessments of departments, branches and localities, the reason the disbursement rate of public investment is not high is due to the poor implementation of projects. Many difficulties, especially the lack of filling materials, have caused traffic projects to fall behind schedule in the first months of the year. Implementing land procedures including changing land use purposes, changing land use purposes, and allocating land to public investment projects takes a lot of time; A number of transitional projects have a large total investment, because the contract has been advanced since the end of 2022. In the first months of 2023, contractors are carrying out construction to complete the advanced volume. There has not been much completed volume yet, and the contractual payment period for the contractor has not yet reached, so some projects cannot be disbursed.

In addition, the preparation for investment in projects and site clearance for some projects are still slow compared to the set schedule; Bidding to select investors for real estate projects faces many difficulties, affecting local budget revenues… This has had a direct impact, affecting the public investment disbursement progress of the country. conscious.

Determining disbursement as a driving force for the development of economic sectors, contributing to maintaining growth momentum in 2023, at the meeting to direct the acceleration of disbursement progress of the Provincial People’s Committee on November 4, Mr. Cao Tuong Huy, Acting Chairman of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province, requested units and investors to strictly implement the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee in Document No. 984/UBND-TH4 (April 28, 2023). In particular, during the implementation process, it is necessary to be specific and individualize the responsibilities of collectives and individuals in each stage of the work process, absolutely not allowing the abuse of opinion gathering for the purpose of extruding information. push, avoid responsibility, and ensure that the work falls under its authority.

The Cua Luc 3 bridge project is determined to be completed in 2023. Photo: quangninh.gov.vn

At the same time, the Provincial People’s Committee directed investors in November 2023 to start construction on new projects that have been allocated capital, including 3 key projects, with capital plans allocated from the provincial budget. From the beginning of 2023, it is over 2,330 billion VND and 5 school projects have been supplemented by the Provincial People’s Committee with a capital plan of 385.5 billion VND.

For the 8 localities supplemented by the province and given the right to proactively use grading capital, localities must proactively review and adjust grading capital plans from projects with slow disbursement to projects with disbursement progress. good, ensuring the priority order of capital allocation according to Resolution No. 16/2023/NQ-HDND dated July 12, 2023 of the Provincial People’s Council.

Implementing the direction of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province, currently investors and local People’s Committees, especially investors who are assigned large amounts of capital, construct many key and motivating projects, such as : Management board of investment projects for construction of traffic works; Management board of investment projects for construction of agricultural and rural development projects; The investment project management board for civil and industrial works… is focusing on leading, directing, and urging contractor units to take advantage of favorable weather, mobilize human resources, machinery, and equipment. being executed and carrying out work on site; Overtime and overtime, ensuring completion on time and ahead of schedule, early putting projects into operation and use, effectively promoting investment resources.

With being proactive, drastic, and closely following specific tasks, the Acting Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee believes that the province’s disbursement work in the remaining 2 months of 2023 will achieve many positive results, ensuring Ensuring the goal of completing 100% capital disbursement as planned, making an important contribution to Quang Ninh continuing to achieve double-digit growth for the 8th consecutive year (2016 – 2023).

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