It is necessary to drastically handle passenger transport activities outside the Ha Giang city bus station


10:34, November 21, 2023

BHG – Me Bridge intersection, the area outside the gate of Ha Giang City Bus Station, is one of the important traffic intersections at the gateway to the city. Every day, there is quite a large amount of vehicle traffic with many types. However, it is unknown when this area became a busy pick-up and drop-off point for passenger cars and contract passenger vehicles, even soliciting and competing for passengers, causing chaos and affecting traffic safety and security.

Many passenger cars blatantly stop and park in areas with prohibited signs.

Through observations and monitoring by reporters and feedback from people, the situation of passenger cars and contract passenger vehicles blatantly stopping, parking, picking up and dropping off passengers in the Cau Me area is becoming more and more frequent and complicated. miscellaneous. Although this area has been posted by the authorities with signs prohibiting stopping and parking of passenger vehicles. In front of the gate of Ha Giang City Bus Station, many facilities of bus companies and passenger transport units (VTHK) have sprung up to “conveniently” stop, park, pick up and drop off passengers. In addition, many passenger cars, after being ordered to leave the bus station, move like “crawlers” or blatantly stop and park in front of the station gate or intersection area to wait to catch passengers, causing loss of traffic safety and security. According to the reporter, right in front of the bus station, the road is small and narrow, but a series of passenger cars of all kinds take turns stopping and parking. As one car moves, another car takes its place, stops, and attracts passengers, causing trouble. affect traffic safety. Even though some bus companies have not yet had orders to depart, they still stop, park or go around the city to catch passengers. When he saw the authorities, the driver “turned around” to the station to wait for orders.

The operation of passenger cars, contract passenger cars, and strange cars “chasing passengers” takes place quite often at the bus station gate, not only affecting the security and traffic safety situation, but also directly affecting revenue. of the terminal management unit and transportation businesses in the terminal, creating unhealthy competition. To ensure a fixed route, vehicles in the station still have to operate according to the time and schedule registered at the terminals, but each trip only carries a few people, not enough money. The current situation shows that outside the bus station, pick-up and drop-off activities are bustling, but inside the bus station it is even more desolate. Although there are regulations at the bus station to ensure order and safety for people and vehicles participating in traffic, at the bus station gate area, this situation is always chaotic. Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Managing Director of Ha Giang City Bus Station, said: Currently, the bus station has more than 40 units, VTHK business cooperative registered with nearly 300 vehicles. For vehicles running fixed routes, route registration is required according to regulations, approved and announced by the route management agency. The operation process must have complete documents, clear and specific departure times, accompanied by regulations on ensuring traffic safety. Vehicles running on fixed routes are arranged to run according to the operating chart that the transport unit and bus station agree on. In recent times, most passenger pick-ups and drop-offs take place mainly outside the bus station. Although the contract clearly stipulates that pick-up and drop-off must take place in the bus station area. Therefore, it has greatly affected the operation of the wharf and the services in the wharf cannot be maintained. The unit also petitioned the authorities many times but the situation still did not improve.

Working with Ha Giang City Police, Deputy Chief of Ha Giang City Police Kieu Hoang Hai said: Ha Giang city has National Highway 2 which is a vital traffic route. In the Ha Giang Bus Station area, the security and order situation is relatively complicated, due to the large flow of people and vehicles. Recently, the City Police have coordinated with functional forces to inspect and handle violations in cases of VTHK stopping, parking, picking up and dropping off passengers at the wrong place in the area around the wharf. Vehicles cause loss of security and order. From the beginning of the year until now, the Police have handled 28 cases of passenger cars violating parking regulations, fining nearly 20 million VND; Organized 6 coordination sessions with the Inspectorate of the Department of Transport and issued a penalty decision to pay more than 180 million VND to the state budget for traffic safety violations.

Authorities check passenger transport conditions.

Also according to the City Traffic Police force, despite being drastic, the work of detecting and handling violations in the area near the bus station still has many difficulties such as: The force is thin, with few troops to regularly maintain the organization. handling of violations in this area. In the absence of functional forces, the situation of picking up and dropping off passengers reoccurs. Many vehicles stop behind the ban sign but park on the sidewalk, so it is difficult to have grounds to handle them. In addition, the situation of many passenger cars using the excuse to wash cars or refuel to pick up and drop off passengers is also a cause of cases of picking up and dropping off passengers at the wrong place. Therefore, the unit also proposed to install additional cold penalty cameras to thoroughly handle the situation of picking up and dropping off passengers at the Cau Me intersection area.

In order to rectify VTHK activities in the area, from the beginning of the year until now, the Inspectorate of the Department of Transport has issued decisions to sanction administrative violations in 56 cases of individuals and organizations committing administrative violations in their activities. VTHK with a total amount of money paid to the state budget of more than 400 million VND. Chief Inspector of the Department of Transport Vuong Xuan Phuc said: The situation of picking up passengers outside the terminal gate, repairing workpieces that do not comply with the departure order, and sleeper buses leaving the route, removing their body, and white-plate vehicles running “disguised” contracts still occur. … Department inspectors are very drastic in handling violations of VTHK activities. Recently, the Department of Transport also issued Document No. 1725 dated November 13, 2023 on continuing to increase the exploitation and use of data on the data processing system from journey monitoring equipment (GSHT), cameras to serving the management of transportation activities. In particular, direct the department’s inspection force to strengthen inspection and handle vehicles leaving the station but not complying with transport regulations, especially passenger cars that stop or park to catch passengers in front of the bus station and around the station. car.

In fact, the loss of security and traffic safety right at the gateway of Ha Giang city has been reported by people for many years, but it still continues to this day. Therefore, to handle the above situation, it is thought that there needs to be closer and more drastic coordination from the functional forces and related units to restore traffic safety order in front of the bus station gate, especially on occasions. At the end of the year, there is a large number of people and vehicles. Besides, every person traveling by bus should buy tickets at the bus station to ensure their own rights and safety. At the same time, the authorities need to have sanctions strong enough to deter and handle VTHK business units that do not comply with regulations.

Article and photos: Hien Chuong – Van Long

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