Unique Ta Tai Phan festival in Dong Nai

Unique Ta Tai Phan festival in Dong Nai
Unique Ta Tai Phan festival in Dong Nai

Rituals are performed during the Ta Tai Phan festival

The Ta Tai Phan Festival has just been held at Quan Am temple in Xuan Trung ward. This is a major cultural activity of the Chinese people in this area with the purpose of praying for peace and good weather and wind. Before that, communities around the area gathered to prepare for the festival’s activities.

The festival is held with many traditional rituals such as offering incense, procession of gods, praying for peace, praying for death… and has special musical performances. This is also an opportunity for people in the area to share their productive labor experiences.

Talking to us, Mr. Tran Tuan Kiet, Chairman of Xuan Trung Ward People’s Committee, said that this is an activity held once every 11 years, and is a cultural custom of the Chinese community in the area. In addition to the activities of praying for peace, requiem, and festivals, there are also special musical performances such as plays, dances, and circus walking on red coal fire.

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