Shoot the police with a slingshot

Shoot the police with a slingshot
Shoot the police with a slingshot

Kon TumBeing chased by the police for a traffic violation, A Nhon, 20 years old, used a slingshot to shoot a soldier, injuring his hand.

On November 21, A Nhon and A Daoh, 23 years old, were detained by Kon Tum City Police for their behavior. Resisting people performing public duties.

The agency investigated the scene of a group of young men attacking the police. Image: Kon Tum City Police

Previously, at dawn on October 24, the patrol team of the Mobile Police Department of Kon Tum Provincial Police discovered A Nhon and A Daoh sitting on the back of a motorbike carrying 3 people, not wearing helmets, so they ordered the vehicle to stop for inspection. check. However, this group drove away.

Being chased, A Daoh used a flashlight to shine on the patrol team’s face, while A Nhon used a slingshot to shoot, injuring soldier Bloong Diep in the hand. The police were forced to fire five shots into the air and asked to stop the car, but the group continued to run away.

Later, the police controlled the 17-year-old boy (the driver), confiscated the motorbike and a homemade knife. A Nhon and A Daoh ran away but were captured later.

According to the investigation agency, A Daoh and A Nhon discussed with each other and shined lights and shot slingshots at the forces on duty. The teenager drove a motorbike and did not participate in the process of resisting people on duty, and was administratively sanctioned for disobeying the orders of the police.

Ngoc Oanh

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