An Giang strengthens discipline and discipline in State administrative agencies

An Giang strengthens discipline and discipline in State administrative agencies
An Giang strengthens discipline and discipline in State administrative agencies

Recently, the situation of solving and handling work of administrative agencies at all levels in the province has changed positively; The roles and responsibilities of heads of units and localities have been significantly increased. However, the situation of avoiding, shifting responsibility, and fear of making mistakes when handling work among a section of cadres, civil servants, and public employees in units and localities has not been effectively overcome; Coordination between units and localities is not tight and timely; Some assigned tasks were processed slowly, taking longer, affecting progress, quality and work efficiency.

Implementing Official Telegram 968/CD-TTg, dated October 16, 2023 of the Prime Minister on continuing to rectify and strengthen discipline and order in State administrative agencies at all levels, Chairman of An Provincial People’s Committee Giang Nguyen Thanh Binh requests leaders of provincial departments, branches and branches and Chairman of People’s Committees of districts, towns and cities to promote the responsibilities of leaders and personal responsibilities of officials and civil servants of state administrative agencies of all levels. level in handling work. At the same time, strengthen discipline and administrative discipline, strictly comply with the conclusions and directions of the Provincial People’s Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; continue to thoroughly grasp and better organize the implementation of the working regulations of the Provincial People’s Committee, the working regulations of units and localities and the direction of the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee.

Resolve administrative procedures promptly and effectively, ensuring democracy, openness, transparency and convenience

Directly, proactively and actively organize the timely and effective implementation of tasks assigned by the Provincial People’s Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; Promote decentralization and authorization, ensuring on schedule and quality. Strengthen the inspection of public service activities, especially unexpected inspections; promote the roles and responsibilities of heads of agencies and units; internal inspection and audit to promptly praise and reward groups and individuals who do well, and strictly handle groups and individuals who do not do well. Promptly review, replace or transfer to other jobs cadres and civil servants with weak capacity, who do not dare to work, avoid, push, work in moderation, are afraid of responsibility, are stagnant and do not respond. Meet assigned job requirements. In case of pushing, avoiding, or being irresponsible leading to delays or not deciding on issues and tasks within your authority, causing consequences, you must review and handle related collective and individual responsibilities in accordance with the law. regulations of the Party and State.

The Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee requested to continue reviewing, amending and supplementing working regulations and organizing the implementation of tasks and work at units and localities under his authority to closely follow the actual situation; Individualize individual responsibilities in each stage of the work handling process, ensuring that work under authority is handled quickly, promptly, and effectively. Organize the strict implementation of codes of conduct and public service ethics of officials and civil servants in state administrative agencies at all levels in the province.

During the process of coordinating to resolve work under your authority, only seek opinions from agencies directly related to the scheme or project… Do not seek coordination opinions from unrelated or unnecessary agencies. . The agency receiving opinions is responsible for responding on time, with the right functions and tasks, having clear viewpoints and responsibilities, not giving general answers, avoiding or shifting responsibilities to affect the processing progress. work management. Encourage and protect officials who are dynamic, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility for the common good, create a solid legal basis, and build a favorable environment for officials, civil servants and employees to Officials can feel secure in performing their public duties, contributing to improving the effectiveness of direction, administration and work handling.

Promote and effectively implement the Plan to review and simplify internal administrative procedures for the period 2022 – 2025, striving to make 100% of internal administrative procedures among administrative agencies public by the end of 2023. State on the National Database on Administrative Procedures; Review and submit for approval a plan to simplify at least 50% of internal administrative procedures under the State management of units and localities, in which the plan must ensure the reduction of at least 20% of the number of administrative procedures and 20% of administrative procedure compliance costs.

Determined and drastic to resolve administrative procedures at State administrative agencies at all levels promptly and effectively, ensuring democracy, openness, transparency and convenience; Direct agencies and units to regularly review and inspect ongoing administrative procedures settlement documents. Resolutely do not let delays, harassment, negativity, or waste of resources and opportunities of the State, society, people, and businesses occur; Do not push responsibility in resolving administrative procedures to people and businesses; Strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of administrative procedures to detect and strictly handle agencies, units, heads of agencies, units and officials, civil servants and public employees who refuse to handle or violate.

Promoting effective channels for receiving feedback and recommendations from people and businesses on the National Public Service Portal, Consultation Portal and looking up business regulations at, ; on the Information System for resolving administrative procedures at units and localities, especially at the grassroots level; proactively and actively organize dialogues with people and businesses to promptly and thoroughly resolve feedback, recommendations, thoughts, aspirations and plans of people and businesses; Report to competent authorities for consideration and handling of issues that are beyond your authority. Absolutely do not push, beat around the bush or avoid them.


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