The bride ‘flies high in the air’, the groom dances hiphop

The bride ‘flies high in the air’, the groom dances hiphop
The bride ‘flies high in the air’, the groom dances hiphop

Diep said she has been practicing cheerleading since 2016 when she was a second-year student at Thuy Loi University. While watching the new student welcome program, she was attracted by the dynamic dance moves, so she signed up to join the team now.

“Cheerleading requires a long practice time and has many difficult techniques. We encountered many difficulties throughout the entire process. Because not many people know about cheerleading, viewers often find it dangerous,” she said.

Meanwhile, the groom came to hiphop breaking (street dance) in 2008 and became fascinated with this subject. The training process was hard, but in return he won many awards in the hiphop community and competed abroad.

“The couple’s current work is not related to the two dance disciplines. However, we still maintain practicing and performing out of passion,” Dung said.

Hong Diep and Dinh Dung loved each other for a year and then got married.

The couple’s wedding video quickly caused a stir on social networks, attracting more than a million views, more than 2,000 favorites, and hundreds of comments and shares.

Many comments expressed excitement about the “unique and impressive wedding”, “the bride and her friends were so passionate and enthusiastic”, but some people were concerned about the safety of the dance moves.

“We are a professional dance group, practicing techniques and having many years of expertise, ensuring safety for ourselves and those around us,” Diep said.

The groom expressed surprise, not thinking that their wedding would receive such attention from the online community.

“This is truly a beautiful and memorable memory for us,” I said.

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