Yen Binh connects jobs to sustainable poverty reduction

Yen Binh connects jobs to sustainable poverty reduction
Yen Binh connects jobs to sustainable poverty reduction

YenBaiYen Binh district has been promoting the implementation of Subproject 4.3 “Supporting sustainable employment” for poor workers under the National Target Program for sustainable poverty reduction for the period 2021-2025.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong – Chairman of Yen Binh District People’s Committee said that in the district there are currently over 30,000 workers working in industrial parks, companies and enterprises inside and outside the province; working in traffic projects, construction, services, restaurants… However, the jobs of many workers are still unstable, seasonal, and have low income. The reason is due to lack of skills, workmanship, and not being able to find a suitable job.

Recently, Yen Binh district coordinated to organize a Job Fair as well as many propaganda and information activities about the labor market – activities under the National Target Program for sustainable poverty reduction in the period 2021- 2025 with the desire to strengthen the connection between vocational education institutions and businesses, creating a favorable environment and conditions for businesses, vocational training institutions and workers to directly meet and exchange market information. labor market, labor recruitment needs, contributing to supporting workers to find jobs, businesses recruiting human resources to meet the needs of domestic use and labor export.

Present early to join the crowded and bustling atmosphere of the 2023 Job Fair held at the district center, Luong Xuan Hoang – student of class 12A4, Tran Nhat Duat High School excitedly shared: ” This year is my senior year, I came to the Job Fair with the desire to learn about information about recruitment and training professions. This is an important information channel for me to have more choices about majors after graduation. high school career”.

Units, companies, businesses, and vocational education institutions inside and outside the province participating in the Job Fair have brought hundreds of job vacancies in various fields. Students and workers in the district can hear the content of career guidance education and student stream orientation; Development trends, needs and requirements of businesses regarding the capacity and qualifications of current labor resources.

Many businesses say they are in need of recruiting large numbers of workers with attractive working conditions and salaries for workers to choose from.

Mr. Nguyen Van Long – Director of GJOBS Human Resources Search and Development Joint Stock Company, Hai Phong informed: “Our company supplies about tens of thousands of workers a year to businesses including seasonal workers, long-term workers, workers with high technical expertise, management workers at all levels. Workers will work directly in Hai Phong, producing components or products related to electricity, electronics, cars… from businesses from Korea, Taiwan, Japan. Income ranges from 8 – 12 million VND/person/month.”

“For Yen Bai province, the majority of labor sources are unskilled workers who tend to work short-term. We expect that after connection programs like this, many Yen Bai workers will register for long-term jobs. limited for businesses in Hai Phong” – Mr. Long said.

Businesses introduce job opportunities to students in Yen Binh district.

It can be seen that, through the Job Fair, union members, youth, and workers in the district who are in need of jobs can access information and receive support on vocational training, job search opportunities, and export opportunities. labor export, creating connections in training and career guidance for high school students, helping them soon have the opportunity to approach units and businesses inside and outside the province.

Determining that training and creating jobs is an opportunity for people to escape poverty quickly and sustainably. Recently, Yen Binh district has been promoting the implementation of the contents of Subproject 4.3 “Supporting sustainable employment”. sustainability” for poor workers under the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction for the period 2021-2025, by strengthening communication, raising awareness and responsibility of people in the area for multidimensional poverty reduction. , inclusive, creating sustainable jobs to awaken the spirit of self-reliance to escape poverty among people and communities.

Promoting the implementation of the contents of Subproject 4.3, Yen Binh district has also proactively reviewed employment needs for poor households, near-poor households, and households newly escaping poverty and coordinated with relevant units to organize Conference with labor export enterprises and domestic enterprises to discuss solutions to complete the 2023 labor export target of 130 workers.

Along with that, the district coordinated to organize 7 mobile trading sessions in communes with over 500 workers attending. Thereby, helping workers quickly find jobs that suit their aspirations and strengths to create income, stabilize their lives, and contribute to ensuring social security in the locality.

In Yen Binh district, there are 76,000 people of working age, accounting for 66.3% of the population; The workforce is about 71,000 people. The district’s rate of trained workers reached 73.06%, the rate of trained workers with certificates from elementary level or higher reached 28.72%; Agricultural labor accounts for over 50%.

Implementing Subproject 4.3, every year, Yen Binh district provides vocational training and job creation support for over 3,500 local workers, contributing to many positive changes in the district’s poverty reduction work. To date, the district’s poverty rate has decreased by 3.58% (exceeding 0.03% of the 2023 plan); Near-poor households decreased by 1.17% (exceeding 0.06% of the 2023 plan).

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