Quicornac enhances agricultural by-product management


Nguyen GiacTuesday, November 21, 2023 22:32 (GMT+7)

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Specializing in deep processing of passion fruit for export, Quicornac Co., Ltd. (Gia Lai) focuses on improving product quality associated with green development. In which agricultural by-products are strictly managed, ensuring the environment.

Officially coming into operation in mid-2022, the Quicornac export passion fruit production area is located in Tra Da industrial park, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province with a total area of ​​3 hectares. After more than 1 year of operation, the unit has contributed to creating stable jobs for more than 200 workers who are local residents, many of whom are ethnic minorities. .

A modern, closed passion fruit production line ensures food safety control from input to finished packaged products.

In parallel with social security activities, ensuring life and regulations in using labor working at the company, the unit always focuses on activities to ensure the source of goods meets quality and regulations. A closed product management and processing process that complies with labor safety indicators and ensures food safety and hygiene. Along with that, organic agricultural by-products are strictly managed by the unit according to economic development criteria associated with environmental protection.

In order to effectively implement the production process and process agricultural by-products, passion fruit peels, since officially coming into operation, the unit has organized training and coordinated with farms and farmer households in the area. Reuse passion fruit peels as animal feed and compost, said Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Head of by-product management department of Quicornac Company Limited.

The operation of the Quicornac factory has created stable jobs for more than 200 local workers.

The company’s transfer of ordinary industrial solid waste to direct production facilities as raw materials for production and animal husbandry meets the provisions of Point a, Clause 1, Article 82 of the Law on Environmental Protection.

The use of waste generated in production activities follows the principle of maximizing the value of discarded products through the application of priority recycling solutions to recover materials for production activities. .

This is a method supported by localities, farms and farming households, helping farms and farming households reduce the cost of buying animal feed, taking advantage of agricultural by-products to make biofertilizers and helping reduce costs. Investment costs for farmers not only help reduce the use of chemical products, but also contribute to improving the soil environment – Mr. Linh added.

Many passion fruit farms signed purchasing contracts and received technical training to improve crop productivity and increase output in each crop.

To ensure that the factory’s passion fruit peel by-product source is used for the right purpose, Quicornac Company has signed a supply contract and has a commitment from farms and farmers to use passion fruit peels for the right purpose. During operation, Quicornac Company also regularly checks and monitors the use of passion fruit peels by affiliated partners.

Agricultural by-products are signed by farms and households to be used for the right purpose and to ensure the environment.

Recently, the source of goods provided by farmers is in large quantities, and the daily production of passion fruit peels has increased, leading to the fact that the field inspection of using and processing lemon peels by partners has not reached 100%. Through research, some households, after receiving passion fruit peels, composted them incorrectly, affecting the environment. In this case, the unit has stopped supplying, and at the same time increased responsibility in managing by-product sources in production, to prevent similar cases from occurring that affect the environment – Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Head of Department by-product management Quicornac Co., Ltd. affirmed.

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