Vinasun taxi driver was “aggressive” when reminded by foreign tourists to throw away trash

Vinasun taxi driver was “aggressive” when reminded by foreign tourists to throw away trash
Vinasun taxi driver was “aggressive” when reminded by foreign tourists to throw away trash

(Dan Tri) – Discovering a Vinasun taxi driver throwing trash in the wrong place in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, a foreign tourist came to remind him. The two had an argument.

On November 21, a more than 2-minute clip was spread on social networks, recording the scene of a Vinasun taxi driver arguing with a foreign tourist about the driver throwing foam rice boxes and empty water bottles onto the road.

The male tourist did not agree with the above action of littering and asked the taxi driver to pick it up and put it in the right place.

However, the male driver did not comply but instead challenged the tourist, “What does it have to do with me if I throw away the trash?”, the taxi driver spoke Vietnamese to the foreigner.

The incident stopped when the male driver returned to the taxi parked across the street and got in the vehicle to leave, the trash bag still lying in the same place. A resident witnessed it and used his phone to record it and post it on social networks.

Scene of foreign tourists and taxi drivers arguing about throwing trash on the road (Photo: Cut from clip).

Through verification, the incident occurred on November 20 on a road in the central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.

Talk to reporters Dan TriMr. Ta Long Hy, Director of Vinasun taxi company, said that after learning about the incident, the company decided to temporarily suspend the company’s male driver.

According to Mr. Hy, the driver’s actions were wrong. “The incident should have been very simple, the driver was discovered by a tourist making a mistake, he should have put the trash in the right place and apologized and thanked him. On the other hand, the driver was aggressive and argued with the man. Tourists are very offensive,” Mr. Hy said.

The director of Vinasun taxi company added: “Yesterday afternoon (November 20), I summoned the driver and suspended him from work for 1 month to reflect on my actions. I also sent the above clip to the group for everyone to see. Even the driver watched to point out what was wrong.”

In addition, the leader of Vinasun taxi company also apologized to the male tourist and hoped everyone would understand this unfortunate incident.

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