Thai Nguyen Central Hospital announces recruitment of officers in 2023


Thai Nguyen Central Hospital announces recruitment of officers by admission in 2023 as follows:

1. Number of employees needing to apply for each job position: 72 people.

– Doctor (class III): 19

– Nursing class III: 8

– Nursing class IV: 27

– Nutrition class III: 01

– Pharmacist (class III): 01

– Class IV pharmaceutical: 01

– Medical technician class III: 02

– Medical technician class IV: 02

– Engineer (grade III): 02

– Specialist: 05

– Accountant: 03

– Social worker: 01

2. Number of job positions for which recruitment is performed: 15 job positions.

Admission criteria are based on the number of employees and job position

(Appendix attached).

3. Standards and conditions for registration

3.1. People who meet the following conditions, regardless of ethnicity, gender, social class, belief or religion, can register to apply for civil servant recruitment:

a) Have Vietnamese nationality and reside in Vietnam;

b) Be 18 years old or older. For some fields of cultural, artistic, physical training and sports activities, the application age may be lower as prescribed by law; At the same time, there must be written consent from the legal representative;

c) Have an application for admission;

d) Have a clear background;

d) Have a diploma, training certificate, practice certificate or have aptitude and skills appropriate to the job position;

e) Healthy enough to perform the job or task;

g) Meet other conditions as required by the job position as determined by the public service unit but must not violate the provisions of law.

3.2. The following people are not allowed to register for civil servant recruitment:

a) Loss of civil act capacity or limited civil act capacity;

b) Being prosecuted for criminal liability; are serving criminal sentences or decisions of the Court; are being subjected to administrative measures and being sent to medical treatment facilities, educational facilities, or reformatories.

4. Objects and priority points

a) Heroes of the Armed Forces, Labor Heroes, war invalids, policy beneficiaries such as war invalids, category B war invalids: 7.5 points will be added to the exam score results in round 2;

b) Ethnic minorities, military officers, police officers, professional soldiers, people working in cipher jobs changing majors, children of martyrs, children of war invalids, children of sick soldiers, children of policy beneficiaries such as war invalids, children of category B war invalids, children of revolutionary activists before the general uprising (from August 19, 1945 onwards), biological children of resistance activists exposed to toxic chemicals, Children of Armed Forces Heroes and Labor Heroes: 5 points will be added to the exam results in round 2;

c) People who have completed military service, limited service service in the People’s Public Security Force, members of the youth volunteer team, members of the young intellectual volunteer team participating in rural and mountainous development from full 24 months or more completed the task: 2.5 points added to the test score results in round 2.

In case an applicant belongs to multiple priority categories, only the highest priority score will be added to the test score results in round 2 according to current regulations.

5. Form and content of admission:

5.1. Recruitment form: Recruitment of civil servants through admission is carried out in 2 rounds according to regulations.

5.2. Contents of civil servant recruitment examination

5.2.1. Round 1: Check the application conditions in the application form according to the requirements of the job position to be filled. If they meet all requirements, the candidate can participate in round 2.

5.2.2. Round 2: Specialized professional exam

a) Exam form, content and time:

– For professional titles Doctor (Class III), Pharmacist (Class III), Nutritionist Class III, Specialist, Accountant, Engineer (Class III), Social Worker: Interview to Test the candidate’s knowledge, professional qualifications and skills. Interview time is 30 minutes (before the interview, candidates have no more than 15 minutes to prepare).

– For professional titles: Nursing class III, Medical technician class III, Nursing class IV, Medical technician class IV, Pharmacy class IV: Practice to test knowledge, professional qualifications and skills of the candidate. Practice time is decided by the hospital director.

b) Score scale: Interview or practice scores are calculated on a 100-point scale.

6. Admission time and location.

– Time: December 2023 – January 2024

– Location: Thai Nguyen Central Hospital.

7. Deadline, address and location for receiving application registration forms

– Recruitment registration form according to form No. 01 issued with Decree No. 115/2020/ND-CP dated September 25, 2020 or applicants can receive the recruitment registration form at the Personnel Organization Department , Thai Nguyen Central Hospital, during office hours on weekdays.

– Location for receiving recruitment registration forms: Persons registering for civil servant recruitment submit the recruitment registration form directly at the Personnel Organization Department, Thai Nguyen Central Hospital, No. 479, Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Phan Ward Dinh Phung, Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen province, phone: 0208.3.854.756.

– Deadline for receiving application forms: from November 21, 2023 to December 20, 2023.

– Recruitment fee: Follow Joint Circular No. 92/2021/TT-BTC dated October 28, 2021 of the Ministry of Finance Regulating the collection rate, collection, payment, management and use of recruitment fees , taking exams for promotion and promotion of civil servants and public employees.

– The list of candidates eligible to take the exam and related information will be posted at Thai Nguyen Central Hospital and posted on the Hospital website:


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