Jackie Chan: ‘People used to say I’m crazy’

In his autobiography celebrating 60 years of filmmaking, action superstar Jackie Chan wrote that he was once considered “crazy” by the audience.

On September 21, the actor released a book I’m Jackie Chan, narrating the amateur’s process from a boy at the martial arts furnace to conquering Hollywood, his current job. The actor who wrote about one of the most important movies of his career is Plan A, filmed in 1983. The work that shaped Jackie Chan’s performance style: Self-perpetuating dangerous scenes, without using stunts. Jackie Chan said that up to now, this is still the key point to distinguish him from other action stars.

Jackie Chan with his new book. Image: Mtime

The actor said that his effort was worth the ticket money that the audience paid to go to the cinema. In the first stage, viewers often screamed and panicked because of the actor’s challenging scenes, calling his brother “crazy”. But gradually, they wait for Jackie Chan to bring something new.

The actor sets himself the challenge of physical limits. Since the mid-1980s, no insurance company in the world has accepted Jackie Chan’s profile. He once “bet with death” when rolling from a 70-meter-high building to the ground, nearly losing his life while filming with a leopard…

The pain behind the scenes of action movies

Jackie Chan’s action scene in “Plan A”. Video: Golden Harvest

Jackie Chan’s desperate efforts made him a world action superstar. In 1995, the movie Street riots Bronx starring Jackie Chan became the first Chinese-language film to top the box office in its opening weekend, in the US. In 2016, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a ceremony to award the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement to the actor. Tom Hanks – presenter – said: “Jackie Chan has outstanding talent and great creative ability. He is not afraid to take risks to dedicate himself to cinema. I am very pleased to witness the moment of honoring these contributions. Donate to Jackie Chan and give him an Oscar”.

Duong Tu Quynh and Jackie Chan in 'Police Story' 3

Duong Tu Quynh and Jackie Chan in ‘Police Story’ 3

Jackie Chan and Duong Tu Quynh in the movie “Police Story 3”. Video: Golden Harvest

On his personal page, the 68-year-old actor writes about 60 years of work, many happy and sad memories are still imprinted in his mind. “Thinking about the future, I hope I don’t have too many diseases, can act healthy. I often tell my brothers, in this life, I don’t need to be number one but only,” wrote Jackie Chan.

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