“Suddenly won the lottery” – Korean movie has the highest opening in Vietnamese cinemas

The publisher CGV on September 26 announced that the movie “Suddenly won the lottery” has surpassed the 27 billion mark since the official release date in Vietnamese theaters (September 23). The film has a occupancy rate of nearly 50% of the seats with more than 300,000 spectators. On September 25 alone, the film earned nearly 14 billion VND, officially becoming a new phenomenon of the Vietnamese box office in 2022.

With more than 27 billion dong, “Suddenly won the lottery” surpassed the movie “Peninsula” released in 2020, becoming a Korean film with the highest opening revenue ever in Vietnamese cinemas.

The winning lottery ticket from the careless Korean soldier went to the North Korean soldier

Tense negotiation about the jackpot ticket

Korean movie

In the end, both sides agreed to split the prize

The content of “Suddenly won the lottery” is about Korean soldier Chun-woo (played by Ko Kyoung-pyo) who accidentally picks up a winning lottery ticket worth $5.7 million. Joy was not long before Chun-woo carelessly let the lottery ticket “gone with the wind” to the other side of the front line and fell into the hands of North Korean soldier Yong-ho (played by Lee Yi-kyung).

Chun-woo and Yong-ho and people who know about lottery tickets begin negotiations to see who the lottery tickets go to. In the end, they agreed to divide the prize money equally, making a plan to receive the prize.

The film has a unique script, bringing natural laughter through the situation, the dialogue is not forced. Some of the details are exaggerated but still bring comfort to the viewer, without creating a sense of absurdity or objection.

The charming acting of the cast also contributes to the success of the film. This work debuted in Korea at the end of August and also topped the home box office for 9 consecutive days.

Korean movie

Many situations of non-stop laughter

Korean movie

The film has a unique and well-suited script, bringing natural laughter through the way it handles dialogues and situations

Korean movie

The film translation team also contributes to bringing laughter when translating words that catch up with young people’s trends

Minh Khue. Photo: Provided by the publisher

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