A series of hot Japanese TikTok girls flocked to JAV movies!

After Olympic athletes and idols, now TikTok hot girls also choose to become professional JAV actors! The details that Lag collects are as follows:

What is JAV?

JAV is an acronym for Japanese Adult Video – ie Japanese adult movies. This is a movie genre with 18+ pornographic content with the role of “serving” and “education” the viewer with useful knowledge about sex…

Over the years of development, JAV is now one of the fastest growing smokeless industries in Japan, with a worldwide reputation. The rise of JAV made the JAV actor career “the king of all professions” and was pursued by many young women – although the price to pay for choosing this profession was also very high.

The trend of becoming a JAV . actor

In recent years, the community has been surprised to hear that many celebrities have decided to give up their careers to become JAV actors. Most recently we have Rikako Inoue (Inoue Rikako), who is famous as a singer, Idol, actor but suddenly announced that she will switch to JAV actress to “develop her career”.

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Before singer Rikako, Japanese Olympic swimmer – Miku Kojima also became a JAV actor with the stage name Saki Shinkai. The fact that more and more young celebrities are choosing JAV careers makes many people fear that JAV actor jobs will eventually become the trend in the future.

Hot girls TikTok plays JAV

Unpai3 tiktoker as actor jav

The fears of the aforementioned may be partly correct. Recently, many famous female TikTokers have announced that they will be working as JAV actors. On February 22, 2022, TikToker 3.5 million followers Unpai3 released its debut JAV movie title. Before becoming a JAV actor, Unpai3 also gained popularity thanks to showing off her body with hot clothes.

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Not long after, TikToker Okogetan with more than 100,000 followers also went to work as a JAV actor under the new stage name Roze Kato. After making the film, although her name is not as groundbreaking as Unpai3, it still shows that the path as a JAV actress is worth trying…

hot girl tiktok

At the end of June 2022, emerging TikToker Ichika (ichikanihitomebore) also announced that she would go to work as a JAV actress. After its release on June 20, Ichika’s first title has had extremely impressive sales – creating a very good premise for this TikToker’s future.

It can be seen that the work of acting in JAV films is attracting the attention of many young girls in Japan. What do you think about this? Please leave a comment to share Lag.vn let’s gossip.

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