Van Mai Huong “won” over Erik and Liz Kim Cuong?


The evening of May 24 seems to be a very beautiful day when there are 3 artist crews choosing this time to release music products. 3 music products released in the same evening include June’s rainy (Van Mai Huong x Trung Quan x Gray D); Strangers In Contacts (Erik x Phuc Du) and Hard Open Easy Close (Liz Diamond). With 3 products with a lot of investment, which product is winning the race for achievement after 1 day of broadcasting?

Erik and Liz Diamond return quite “quietly”?

First of all to mention Contacts Strangers, The product marks Erik’s return in 2023. The song belongs to the Pop R&B genre, composed by TDK with the participation of rapper Phuc Du. The MV attracts attention with the frame of Erik without a shirt, showing off his toned body, which is shared by netizens.

Erik also overcomes the word stickiness when singing and performs relatively well the high “adventure” notes, creating emotions for listeners. With this song, Erik also introduced a “specialty” of his own, “No O O” but modified in a newer way. After 24 hours of launch, Strangers In Contacts brought in more than 230 thousand views, a modest number.

Erik x Phuc Du x TDK – Strangers in Contacts

Erik in the MV Stranger in Contacts.

MV Hard Open Easy Close Liz Kim Cuong also released on the evening of May 24, bringing about more than 180,000 views after 24 hours. The MV is the feminist message that Liz Kim Cuong wants to convey, and at the same time shows many other aspects of her music.

This is a rather surprising solo product of Liz Kim Cuong just a few days after she announced the cancellation of the duet project with Trinh Thang Binh, there are even many signs that she also “stopped her shirt”. from the old management company. Song Hard Open Easy Close With dance material produced by Do Hieu, however, many comments from netizens said that the color was quite old, Liz Kim Cuong’s singing was also unclear.

Liz Diamond x Do Hieu – Hard to Open Easy to Close.

Liz Diamond in MV Hard to Open Easy to Close

Van Mai Huong “takes the spotlight” already!

And finally, the “overwhelming” winner in the “music war” on the evening of May 24 is none other than June’s rainy, the product has the presence of “destructive combo” including Van Mai Huong, Trung Quan, Gray D and musician Hua Kin Tuyen. It can be said that the presence of June’s rainy causing other products to be released on the same night to be overshadowed, the attention of the public and community sites has been largely focused on this project.

3 MVs out on the same evening: Van Mai Huong prevailed over Erik and Liz Kim Cuong? - Photo 5.

Inspired by the famous films of the famous Asian director from the 1990s Wong Kar-wai, MV June’s rainy is the feeling of a girl sitting in a taxi, listening to a song full of mood and recollection of past memories when it rains heavily. The melody is full of nostalgia, with a very catchy chorus, promising to be the next big hit of Van Mai Huong and musician Hua Kim Tuyen.

After 24 hours of debut, MV June’s rainy rose to the top 7 trending music position with more than half a million views. Social media platforms are also filled with tunes of June’s rainy proving the charm of the song as soon as it was released.

Rainy Jun MV – Van Mai Huong ft. Gray D & Trung Quan

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