China sentences former deputy minister of public security to death

A court in northeastern China’s Jilin province today (September 23) sentenced former Vice Minister of Public Security Sun Lijun to death for taking bribes, manipulating the stock market, and owning guns. illegal.

Ton Luc Quan. Photo: China Daily

According to China Daily, the court agreed to postpone the execution of the sentence for two years.

In addition to the death penalty, the Changchun People’s Court, Jilin province also sentenced the former official to eight years in prison and a fine of 1 million yuan for manipulating the stock market, and five years in prison for illegal gun possession. . The total sentence is a “suspended” death sentence.

After a two-year postponement, the former official’s prison sentence will be reduced to life in prison, without parole or pardon. This also means that Ton Luc Quan will have to stay in prison for the rest of his life.

The court also stripped him of all political rights and confiscated his assets. The amount of illegal profits and profits derived therefrom are all recovered and remitted to the state treasury.

Ton Luc Quan used to be the Head of the General Department of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Shanghai, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security and Deputy Minister of Public Security.

From 2001 to April 2020, Ton Luc Quan took advantage of his position to help others do business, adjust positions, and solve many cases. In return, Sun Lijun received money and assets of up to 646 million yuan directly or through others.

In the first half of 2018, at the request of some people, Ton Luc Quan instructed relevant people to influence the stock price and trading volume by taking advantage of centralized capital, continuous trading, helping others avoided losses of more than 145 million yuan. Ton Luc Quan also violated firearms regulations by illegally possessing two firearms.

The amount of bribes he received was huge, the court said. In addition, Ton Luc Quan also helps a number of other people to advance, adjust their work, use power to interfere in solving cases as well as normal activities in people’s lives.

The court said that his crime was extremely serious, causing great damage to the State and people.

Sun Lijun, 53 years old, from Shandong province, started working in 1988 and was admitted to the Party in 1997. He was investigated in April 2020 and expelled from the Party and dismissed in September. 2021.

China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate approved his arrest in November 2021. The case of Sun Luc Quan was tried for the first time in July this year in Changchun.

A day earlier, a court in Jilin also sentenced former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua to a “suspended” death sentence for accepting bribes and circumventing the law.

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