Buy foreign currency online, receive foreign currency in cash at the bank

Foreign currency exchange before traveling, studying abroad, working … is an essential need of people. For a long time, the State Bank (SBV) has required credit institutions (CIs) to be allowed to conduct foreign exchange activities to ensure that they can meet the legal demand for foreign currency for the people. However, there are still many rumors that legal transaction points often require cumbersome procedures that make many people wonder.

In fact, with the technological development of the banking industry today, people can completely buy foreign currency online (online) and receive money quickly at the most convenient place according to their personal needs.

With fast and convenient processing, HDBank’s online foreign currency buying service on Internet Banking is gaining popularity.

Mr. Vinh (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) shared, “My family likes to travel abroad, so foreign currency exchange is frequent. Previously, every time I bought foreign currency, I felt very tired when looking for sources for fear of being rejected. Recently, my wife found a gentler way to buy foreign currency online. Just order foreign currency on Internet Banking, on the way to the airport, I stopped in. The transaction point takes money, it’s too convenient.”

Vinh added that this is an online utility in the program “Foreign currencies change hands – Let’s fly together” of HDBank. The bank offers 3 currencies: USD, AUD and EUR. Customers only need to log in to HDBank’s Internet Banking, click on Payment services, select Buy foreign currency and choose the location to receive money according to their needs. Foreign currency is prepackaged, customers will receive money as soon as they arrive at the transaction point, which takes less than 3 minutes.

HDBank currently has a large network with more than 330 branches and transaction offices across the country. The bank has initially deployed cash payments to customers at more than 82 locations. Especially, including points near the airport such as HDBank Truong Son (only 300m from Tan Son Nhat International Airport), HDBank Hoan Kiem, HDBank Hai Ba Trung … (right in the center of Hanoi capital). With the density of transaction points covered, no matter what route, customers can choose the most convenient cash receipt point.

Customers come to receive foreign currency at the transaction counter of HDBank Truong Son, only 300m from Tan Son Nhat airport.

Not only being popular with individual customers, this bank’s online foreign currency transaction service is also being appreciated by many businesses for its smart process, high security, competitive exchange rate and many incentives.

For example, when participating in the program “Online Transactions – Extremely High Offer”, from now until October 15, 2022, corporate customers will also enjoy a fee incentive package with a bonus value of up to VND 7 million when buying and selling foreign currencies via HDBank’s Internet Banking channel.

In addition, the bank is implementing a preferential fee program of up to VND 10 million for businesses opening an account for the first time. Resonating with this promotion, customers will have the opportunity to receive a preferential package of up to 17 million VND. For businesses opening an account at HDBank for the first time, they only need to make a foreign currency transaction with a value of more than 10 thousand USD in 01 month to receive the above fee incentive package.

In 2020, 2021, HDBank is consecutively in the list of 5 banks with the largest forex trading volume on FX Matching in 2021 (Top 5 Most Volume Traded 2021), recorded from Refinitiv – the system provider and data of the world’s leading prestigious financial market.

HDBank’s online foreign currency buying service launched at this time has solved the question of where to buy foreign currency, both quickly and legally for people. The special advantages of the service have contributed to encouraging people to form the habit of buying foreign currency through legal channels.

Customers can refer to details at or hotline 19006060.

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