Weapons Russia can use after issuing a partial mobilization order

Weapons Russia can use after issuing a partial mobilization order
Weapons Russia can use after issuing a partial mobilization order

Russian state media said: “Military units and reinforcements are ready to be mobilized. Since the president’s executive order, those mobilized will enjoy the status of contract servicemen.”

To this day, Russia still calls its activities in Ukraine a special military operation. Moscow claims to have prevented a major Ukrainian counterattack. It is worth noting that the partial mobilization order was issued as Russia was seeking to consolidate control over parts of Ukraine it holds, giving more power to two breakaway regions in the east that Moscow had already established. recognized independence, and supported the holding of referendums in four regions: Lugansk, Kherson, part of Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk.

Moscow’s decision to mobilize a part will increase the strength of the Russian military, in response to President Putin’s request for more troops. So what units will be added and what types of weapons will be used in the framework of the new Russian decision?

Flying soldier

“The combat strength of the paratroopers will continue to be enhanced on the basis of the rapid response force,” the TASS news agency said. This information has somewhat hinted at the types of weapons and forces that could be used as part of the mobilization order. Another aspect of the mobilization is to give units fighting in Ukraine a break to regain their fighting strength after nearly seven months of fighting.

Ukrainian reports and some media reports that Russia has withdrawn units of the 217th Airborne Regiment from Syrian territory and sent to Ukraine. Moscow has greatly added resources to its paratroopers in recent years and has deployed several units to fight in Ukraine.

Unmanned aircraft

The conflict took a heavy toll on both Russia and Ukraine. Russia lost many tanks and other vehicles in the war. During the Pentagon’s regular meeting earlier this week, US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl said that Russia has used a large number of precision-guided weapons, including missiles. launched from the air and sea, and lost 4,000 tanks and other armored vehicles.

According to the US assessment, the lack of weapons causes Russia to use old tanks, including the T-62 tank, and has very little choice of weapons in the context of the country’s increased troop mobilization. It remains unclear whether Russia will equip the new units with the modern technologies required by the battlefield, such as electro-optical systems, electronic warfare equipment, sensors and other advanced means. or not.

Russia is believed to have used Iran’s Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to attack Ukraine. The Shahed-136 is an affordable, easy-to-use suicide drone that can fly from above to ground targets without any warning. Their size is not large and up to now they have not been used in large numbers. Some analysts believe that in the near future, Russia may increase the use of such UAVs to reduce casualties among soldiers.

Weapons of North Korea

Many argue that Russia is looking to replenish its arsenal by looking to buy weapons around the globe. Russia is currently facing an unprecedented series of sanctions from the West and does not have many partners that can provide Moscow with the components it needs. North Korea is where Russia can look for artillery systems. Artillery is one of the main weapons of the Russian army and its soldiers are said to be proficient in many complex artillery systems.

Therefore, Russia certainly needs a large amount of additional artillery if it wants to gain control of any more front lines. US intelligence agencies have revealed that Russia is buying a lot of missiles and artillery shells from North Korea to replenish its forces. In addition to short-range missiles and artillery shells for immediate use, Russia is likely to buy some other heavy weapons from North Korea in the future.



Russia deployed various tanks and other combat vehicles during the war in Ukraine. It is not clear whether the old tanks that the country uses on the battlefield are mainly for decoy tactics or because Russia lacks the weapons to carry out its military operations. Russia had about 3,300 tanks in service when the war started. Some analysts say that Russia is unlikely to have deployed its best armored units on the battlefield yet. Therefore, in the near future, Moscow can deploy modern tanks such as the T-14 Armata tank or the most modern version of the T-90 tank.

Air Force

As Russia began to launch a special military operation in Ukraine, analysts predicted that Moscow could quickly gain control of the sky and fly where it wanted to strike targets on the ground. But for now. Moscow is not yet in full control of Ukrainian airspace. Some observers suggest that this may be due to Russia acting quite modestly despite its superior air power. Up to now, Russia has not mobilized the entire air force and deployed only a limited number of fighter aircraft. Russia has hundreds of powerful fighters, but it seems to keep them at bases.

An analysis in Defense News notes: “Russian warplanes only strike targets with predetermined coordinates, thanks to ground forces. But the shortage of tactical reconnaissance drones could make it impossible for their ground forces to see more distant targets, reducing their ability to strike.”

Russia has many powerful air defense systems such as the Pantsir system, but according to some media, Russian air defense radars are being shot down by anti-radar missiles provided by the US to Ukraine. Despite the increased use of cruise missiles, this approach is still difficult for Russia to gain air superiority.

However, the situation may change when Russia chooses to use Su-34 with guided weapons or Su-30 with unguided weapons or deploy a large number of Su-35 in combat. .

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