Song Hye Kyo had to be naked for many hours to film a hot scene in ‘The Glory’

Part 2 of The Glory aired from the end of December 2022 and quickly became one of the most popular and successful Korean TV projects of the year.

The film belongs to the revenge genre, revolving around the life and revenge journey of the character Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), a girl who is a victim of school violence. The painful childhood memories pursued and haunted Dong Eun, making her unable to find happiness and losing her dream of becoming an architect. After many years, Dong Eun reunites with his tormentors and plans revenge…

Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory” (Photo: Netflix).

Part 2 of the movie reached more than 25 million hours of viewing after 3 days of release and became one of the hottest shows on the Netflix platform in many countries. Part 2 aired in March received special attention from the audience. According to Osen, Song Hye Kyo has shared about The Glory before the second part of the series officially aired.

She said, “This is the first time I try this genre of film, I always think about my own shortcomings and feel insecure. However, the fact that the film is well received by the audience makes me very happy. . I still can’t believe this.”

Song Hye Kyo also has high expectations for the second part of the film. The actress shared, the last part of The Glory There will be many scenes that will surprise viewers. She further revealed that the most memorable scene in the movie was the part where she had to reveal her scarred body.

The most haunting scene with Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory” is the scene of undressing to reveal the scar on the body (Photo: Netflix).

“To have such a heartbreaking scene, it took the makeup crew and me four to five hours to create the scars. I had to be naked for hours to make up,” Song Hye Kyo recounted.

Writer Kim Eun Sook also shared about Song Hye Kyo’s undressed scene in the movie, “I told Song Hye Kyo in advance that I really needed that scene, but I was still worried that she would be uncomfortable. However, She nodded and said it took 2 months to lose weight.

Kim Eun Sook said, the actress actively lost weight to fit the scene. She acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices for the role of Song Hye Kyo. However, when it aired, Song Hye Kyo’s undressing scene created mixed reactions. Some people praised the sacrifice of the actress while others said that she was not “beautiful” in the scene showing off her skin.

Before the controversy from the public about the above scene, Song Hye Kyo replied, “I don’t think I should be beautiful in such a situation. First, when I took on the role of Dong Eun, I knew for sure that I didn’t have to be beautiful. She always thinks about revenge, doesn’t have time to take care of her appearance. Dong Eun doesn’t care about herself too much. Therefore, I don’t think about what’s on the outside when filming this drama.”

To match the character, Song Hye Kyo also wears very little makeup and wears discreetly throughout the film. In The Glory, Song Hye Kyo cooperates with 14-year-old junior – Lee Do Hyun. The age difference of the two characters also creates controversy.

Song Hye Kyo had to be naked for many hours to film a hot scene in The Glory - 3

Song Hye Kyo’s salary in the project “The Glory” is up to 200 million won for an episode (Photo: Netflix).

Currently, the ending of The Glory is a mystery and stimulates the audience’s curiosity. Through some images revealed over the past time, the audience does not know how the villains in the film will end up.

At the recent film premiere, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook revealed:The Glory was born from the question my daughter asked me. Many viewers believe that the bad guys in the film must be punished cruelly and appropriately. However, Dong Eun is a character who always has a good nature in her, so there will be no way that she will take a cruel hand to take revenge. Therefore, I worked hard so that Dong Eun’s revenge could be successful.”

Talking about the message of the film, screenwriter Eun Sook said, she wants through the character Dong Eun to be able to encourage people in the same situation to dare to fight for a better future.

Song Hye Kyo had to be naked for many hours to film a hot scene in The Glory - 4

Song Hye Kyo was praised for her acting in “The Glory” (Photo: Vogue).

The Glory is considered a bold investment of Song Hye Kyo herself. For the first time, the Korean pearl broke the beautiful image on the screen, accepting to shoot the bold undressing scene. The Glory also brought success to Song Hye Kyo when the acting of 8X actress received compliments from the audience and experts.

Before the audience’s compliments for her, Song Hye Kyo was very humble: “I wonder how I have been doing this job for so many years. Why have I only given it to you until now? see other sides of me. I think I should work harder.”

According to Munhwa Ilbo, Song Hye Kyo’s salary is about 200 million won (about 3.5 billion VND) per episode. With this number, she entered the list of Korean actresses who received the biggest salary. After the success of The Glorythis number is expected to increase.

According to Dan Tri

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