Beauty Cha Joo Young speaks out about the controversial hot scene in ‘The Glory’

Cha Joo Young shares her daring nude scene in the movie, helping to clearly portray the character’s personality

The Glory (Vietnamese title: Glory in hatred) received attention when releasing the remaining 8 episodes of the series, closing the dramatic revenge journey of Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo). In addition to the main film circuit, the outstanding details of the supporting characters also became a hot topic of discussion among viewers. In particular, the bold stripping scene of the character Choi Hye Jeong (played by Cha Joo Young) in episode 13 is facing a series of controversial opinions. Many viewers expressed their displeasure, criticizing this scene for being too revealing, naked and unnecessary to be included in the film, while many viewers thought that the segment was completely suitable for a movie labeled 18+. .

March 15, news agency Newsen posted an interview with Cha Joo Young and the 33-year-old actress shared about her daring hot scene in the movie. Join The Glory, the female star transforms into Choi Hye Jeong – a member of a group of friends who brutally bullied the female lead Moon Dong Eun in high school. She is a flight attendant who has a beautiful, hot look thanks to plastic surgery. Hye Jeong is portrayed as stupid, shallow, flirtatious, materialistic and despised by rich friends because of her humble background. To embody the character well, Cha Joo Young is not afraid to wear sexy outfits and show off her body in front of the camera.

Referring to the controversial hot scene in episode 13, this beauty shared: “I didn’t have any fears. I think it’s a scene that clearly shows the person of Hye Jeong. All she owns is her body and she has never surpassed her friends in any respect. However, at least for the time being, Hye Jeong has nothing to envy her friends. We shot that scene and thought Hye Jeong was great. The production team was very attentive during the filming process.” When asked if he was disappointed that this hot scene had taken too much attention to the character, Cha Joo Young expressed, “We did what was necessary for a necessary scene for the character. with the character”.

The 33-year-old actress said she wouldn’t take off her clothes in front of the camera without a good reason

According to Koreaboo, in an interview with Korean media, Cha Joo Young is not afraid to talk about the controversial hot scene. She shared, “This is a scene that I discussed a lot with the writer and director. That’s also what I knew I needed to do from the moment I decided to take on the role of Hye Jeong. The character herself once said that she had breast augmentation surgery. However, I have not experienced that. What people are curious about is whether this scene has CG (computer graphics) intervention. Although I still prefer not to take my clothes off, yes, it’s my body. It sounds a bit vague, but I want to be clear.”

The actress continued, “A lot of work went into season 2 of The Glory, especially the important parts that have been scripted. I won’t undress for no reason. In the scene with the character Jae Joon, when my back was exposed, a stunt body was used. But in the scene where I put on my shirt and take it off, that’s my body. However in that scene, there were also some edits made through CG.”

Beauty Cha Joo Young speaks out about the controversial hot scene in 'The Glory' - Photo 3.

9X beauty spends a lot of effort to complete the role of Choi Hye Jeong

Cha Joo Young felt relieved when The Glory well received by domestic and international audiences. The 33-year-old beauty shared that to complete the role well, she gained about 5-6kg and now her weight is decreasing but has not returned as before. Along with that, the actress spends a lot of time researching references, scripts and character analysis, and dialogues to fully embody.

“There is no one around me like the character Hye Jeong. So I tried to approach the character from a simple perspective, it’s a difficult task and I always try to maintain a high level of concentration. If you look at the notes app on my phone, they’re full of swear words and curses. Because I live with my family, I often remind them to sympathize with what I say during the dialogue and hope they are not surprised by it, “shared 9X female star.

Beauty Cha Joo Young speaks out about the controversial hot scene in 'The Glory' - Photo 4.

Cha Joo Young became more famous for her role in The Glory

Cha Joo Young was born in 1990, started her artistic activities in 2014. The beauty has appeared in many films: Trap LoveGentleman’s Tailor, Moonlight Drawn Clouds, Reincarnated Prosecutor… but did not receive much attention. Not until appearing in The Glory, her name is more known to the audience. Contrary to the image of “short brained beauty” in the movie, Cha Joo Young in real life possesses an impressive education. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Utah (USA) and is fluent in 4 languages.

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