Singer Ha Phuong was once given the theater by billionaire husband Chinh Chu


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At the end of the 1990s, Ha Phuong was a famous singer of the folk-homeland line. During the “destined” tour of the US, she gave a ticket to actor Tran Bao Son, telling him to take you to listen to music. Few people know, initially, Tran Bao Son took his friend – billionaire Chinh Chu to introduce Minh Tuyet, but he and Ha Phuong “looked right” at each other, feeling that the other was their half.
Three months later, Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu started dating. In Chinh Chu’s eyes, Ha Phuong especially did not know he was a billionaire, even innocently advised him to heal with his ex-girlfriend. After 2 years of love, they got married. In a program, Chinh Chu said ‘not because Ha Phuong is a singer, long legs, but because she has a beautiful soul’.
Ha Phuong and his wife live in an 80ha villa, in addition to the main villa, there are 5-6 other houses, each visit takes 1 hour by car. Since becoming Chinh Chu’s wife, she has been welcomed and cared for like a superstar. The singer followed her husband to lavish parties, met many businessmen and Hollywood A-listers. When making products, Ha Phuong has never had to prove herself to American partners thanks to her “billionaire wife” background.
Ha Phuong put her career on hold since the day she got married. The singer once abandoned the blueprint to build the image of an “Asian artist working in Hollywood” for 5 years to choose to be a wife and mother. She spends all her time taking care of the family when her husband is at home and taking advantage of beauty and self-improvement while her husband is away.
The singer and his wife have 2 children together Diana and Angelina. She calls her two daughters a ‘sharp weapon’ that makes her husband always homesick, not caring about other joys outside. In contrast, Chinh Chu once reminded Ha Phuong to cherish the time when her children were growing up. They often go to the kitchen to cook for their children, although there is no shortage of private chefs to create a family atmosphere.
Ha Phuong once confessed to her husband not asking for gifts; Limit asking her husband where to go, what to do and do not invade his private space. For her husband’s family, she always fulfills the role of daughter-in-law, actively acting as a bridge between her husband and his family.
It was Chu who pampered his wife, always actively buying branded goods and jewelry, filling the room without letting her speak. The most expensive gift the billionaire ever gave his wife was a theater when he heard that she was learning to sing Opera. According to Ha Phuong, Chinh Chu “is good except for being too hot-tempered”. Having lived together for more than 20 years, she always knows how to ‘soften’ her husband’s personality.
Living with a billionaire, Ha Phuong is used to rumors. She said: “When I was at home, I was told that I was useless and clinging to my husband. When I returned to my job, they rumored that my husband and I were getting divorced. If I went to the tea room to sing, they told me ‘I was abandoned by my husband, so I returned to Vietnam,'” she said. collect coins’. After countless rumors, the singer chose to be silent and indifferent.
When an article published in the British newspaper The Daily Mail called Ha Phuong an “ex-wife”, Chinh Chu was a “single father”, even the information that he was dating a Russian female model, Ha Phuong denied. . In 2022, she shared about returning to Vietnam to work when her two children were grown up. In which, the movie project “Finding Julia” is supported by husband Chinh Chu. The reason the singer and his wife rarely take new photos is because Chinh Chu does not like to take pictures.

What does singer Ha Phuong say about divorce news with billionaire Chinh Chu?Sharing with VietNamNet, singer Ha Phuong affirmed that she and her husband are still happy, not divorced as rumored on social networks.


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