Botulium poisoning: 1 person discharged, 2 still serious

Botulium poisoning: 1 person discharged, 2 still serious
Botulium poisoning: 1 person discharged, 2 still serious

On the morning of May 26, updating the health status of botulinum poisoning cases in children, Children’s Hospital 2 (Ho Chi Minh City) said that it is continuing to consult with Cho Ray Hospital on the treatment direction of the two children who are currently undergoing treatment. still heavy.

Accordingly, both children will now continue to receive supportive treatment (ventilator, nutrition, anti-infection, long-term care) and there is no indication to continue taking BAT.

NVH (holding a teddy bear) is fine, will be discharged today, May 26

Pediatric NVD. (13 years old) now know, can follow medical orders, pain stimulus is responsive, muscle strength of extremities has not improved, muscle strength in upper 2 limbs is 2/5, 2 lower limbs are 2/5, eyelids are drooping, not breathing on her own, paralytic ileus, was tracheostomy on May 24 and continued with low parameter mechanical ventilation, parenteral nutrition.

Patient NTX, (10 years old) is currently breathing weak on his own, muscle strength in upper extremities is 4/5, muscle strength in lower extremities is 2/5, bowel movement, weaning failed once, and mechanical ventilation parameters low, nutrition through pipes.

NVH, 12 years old, currently has 5/5 upper limb muscle strength, 5/5 lower limb muscle strength, normal walking, eyelid drooping, breathing air, eating and drinking, urinating normally Normally, expected to be discharged today.

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