The suspect of arson in Ho Chi Minh City carried a large gasoline can to the crime scene



On the evening of November 21, the Police Department of District 8 coordinated with the Ho Chi Minh City Police to temporarily detain crime suspect to take testimony. Details about this suspect have not been released, but it has been determined that he is an acquaintance of the victim’s family.

Initially, the deceased victims were identified as Ms. D. (32 years old) and two children, P. (Ms. D.’s children) and K. (Ms. D. kept at home).

Through the extraction of security camera images around the scene, it shows that around 4:35 p.m. on November 21, there was a young man wearing a motorbike taxi outfit, wearing an emergency mask to cover his face, carrying a large can of gasoline (20 liters). ) leave in the middle of the car and arrive in front of alley 260, Luu Huu Phuoc street, ward 15, district 8.

Surrounding cameras recorded images of the suspect carrying a large gasoline can to the crime scene. Photo: Cut from clip

At the beginning of the alley, this person stopped the car and used the phone and then drove the car into the alley.

According to the initial investigation, when entering the house, this person used a knife to attack Ms. D. with injuries on her chest. After that, the suspect locked the door of the house, then doused it with gasoline to set fire to the house and destroy the evidence. At the time of the incident, in addition to Ms. D., there were two more children in the house.

Police sealed off the scene for investigation. Photo: Linh An

When neighbors heard the screams and came running, the suspect ran away, leaving his motorbike behind. Neighbors saw the house on fire, but the door was locked so they couldn’t help.

When professional firefighting forces arrived at the scene, they quickly extinguished the fire. However, both Ms. D. and her two children died.

It is known that the suspect was arrested 1 hour after the crime. The agency is investigating and taking statements.

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