World Cup 2022 media copyright price in Southeast Asia

Thailand’s Matichon newspaper has just published information, the price of media rights for the 2022 World Cup in Thailand is very expensive, up to 1 billion baht (about 655 billion VND).

According to this newspaper, this is the highest price in Southeast Asia, and at the same time, the Thai media is questioning which unit is the one who really pays the aforementioned huge amount of money for a month of watching the World Cup. people from the land of the Golden Temple.

Matichon newspaper wrote: “Not long ago, the Broadcasting Commission and National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), together with the General Department of Sports of Thailand (SAT) announced the price of television rights for the 2022 World Cup in Thailand. up to 1 billion baht”.

World Cup 2022 will be broadcast live in 9 out of 9 countries in Southeast Asia (Photo: Matichon).

“The government has confirmed that people can watch the World Cup for free, because the World Cup is among the seven priority sports programs that are broadcast for free to Thai people.

However, the discussions of the parties did not have a clear answer whether the money to buy the World Cup rights is money from the budget, ie taxpayers’ money?” – Matichon newspaper added.

According to an investigation from this newspaper, they also basically know the price of television rights in some Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, or Singapore.

The Thai newspaper reported: “In Vietnam, the broadcasting rights to the 2022 World Cup were purchased for 14 million USD (532 million baht, or about 350 billion VND). Malaysia bought it for 32.5 million ringgit (approximately 32.5 million ringgit (approx. 261.5 million baht, or more than 170 billion dong)”.

In Southeast Asia, there are countries that watch all 64 matches at the World Cup, like Vietnam and Thailand, there are countries that only partially live like Malaysia, or watch a match that pays for it like Singapore or the Philippines (Photo: VNA) : Getty).

“But Malaysia’s copyright package only includes 27 live matches, including the final and replays 14/64 matches at the 2022 World Cup, but Malaysia does not stream all matches, they only choose to live. matches with big teams, or teams that Malaysians are interested in” – is still information provided by Matichon newspaper.

With Singapore, they buy a package of pay-per-game broadcast rights, on mobile platforms belonging to private channels, not on national broadcaster platforms.

Matichon newspaper shared: “Singapore will be broadcast via online form, on StarHub and Singtel platforms for S$98/match or about 2,636 baht/game (more than VND 1.7 million). broadcast 9 matches for free, including the opening match, the semi-finals and the final”.

“In the same way, the Philippines also buys a paper view package (see which matches pay for that match), for 1,999 pesos / match (about 1,306 baht, or 680,000 VND)” – the newspaper of the Golden Temple country details information. details.

According to Matichon, 9 countries in Southeast Asia already own the rights to watch the World Cup live. In addition to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines mentioned above, there are also Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei and Timor Leste.

Meanwhile, two other countries in Southeast Asia that do not own the rights to broadcast this year’s world football championship are Myanmar and Laos.

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