“Hero” Ritsu Doan is a player of Vietnamese origin?

Japanese player Ritsu Doan scored a goal in Japan’s resounding 2-1 victory over Germany in the opening match of Group E of the 2022 World Cup on November 23. Ritsu Doan, born in 1998, scored the equalizer in the 75th minute before Takuma Asano set the score for Japan in the 83rd minute.

Ritsu Doan (8) scored a 1-1 equalizer for Japan in the 75th minute

The ‘Doan’ in his name led some to question whether he was of Vietnamese descent. However, the Japanese press has long mentioned and denied this suspicion. The reporters of the Vietnamese language department of NHK (Japan) in 2019 explained as follows: “Doan Ritsu is not a Japanese of Vietnamese origin. His last name written in Chinese characters will be “堂安”, the Sino-Vietnamese sound. is “Duong An”. And the Vietnamese surname “Doan” when writing Chinese characters will become “団”, the family name “Doan” will be written as “段”.

Ritsu Doan confronts defender Antonio Rudiger

In the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup 2019, Ritsu Doan scored the only goal in the penalty spot, helping Japan win against Vietnam. In the summer of the same year, he signed with PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) and played the whole 2019-2020 season before moving to Arminia Bielefeld club (Germany) on loan for the 2020-2021 season. Currently, Ritsu Doan is playing for SC Freiburg in Germany.

Is the hero Ritsu Doan a player of Vietnamese origin? - Photo 3.

Japan created seismicity by knocking down the German “tank”

Germany took the lead on the penalty spot thanks to Ilkay Gundogan’s strike, but lost to Japan 1-2 in the opening match of Group E World Cup 2022. In the following match, Spain won 7-0 against Costa. Rica, “saved” the German team from the temporary bottom position.

Is the hero Ritsu Doan a player of Vietnamese origin? - Photo 4.

Ritsu Doan once “caused resentment” with the Vietnamese team at the 2019 Asian Cup

The victory means an earthquake at Khalifa Stadium, helping Japan get 3 points, temporarily ranked second in the group and face a great opportunity to continue to the knockout round. On November 27, Japan will meet Costa Rica and Spain will meet Germany.

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