Vincent Kompany asks coach Pep Guardiola to stop talking about himself

Vincent Kompany asks coach Pep Guardiola to stop talking about himself
Vincent Kompany asks coach Pep Guardiola to stop talking about himself

Coach Pep Guardiola thinks Vincent Kompany will be the future coach of Man City club

Vincent Kompany – who was the captain of Man City club under coach Pep Guardiola from 2016 to 2019 will join Burnley club as a guest at Etihad Stadium in the FA Cup match on March 19. This will be the first time that Vincent Kompany returns to Manchester after more than 3 years of separation.

In an interview on March 17, coach Pep Guardiola made the point that Kompany is very talented and will be a future coach of Man City club. However, in a press conference shortly after, when reporters revealed this, Vincent Kompany denied.

“Coach Pep has to stop saying that about me. I’m the manager of a first division team and I don’t know what you want from me. I think first of all he should stay at Man City for another 10 years. They are competing for the Champions League and Burnley Club is only competing for the championship in the first division. So I don’t think Pep’s words make any sense.

A team like Man City needs the best coach in the world. I also want to show respect to the team I am leading. Right now Burnley club is more important to me than anything and I want it to be better,” Vincent Kompany said in a press conference.

With what he has contributed to Man City Club, Vincent Kompany is loved by many fans. After the former Belgian player left the team, in recognition of Vincent Kompany’s contributions, the green half of Manchester built a statue of Kompany outside the Etihad Stadium. However, during his return to the old team, Burnley’s coach said he felt quite strange because of the authenticity of the statue. The former captain of the Man City club shared: “Looking at the statue I feel it is a bit strange. But I’m still grateful that I have received tremendous recognition from the club for my contributions.”

According to the newspaper page Independent In order to best prepare for the match at the Etihad Stadium, Vincent Kompany refused all appointments from his former teammates at Man City Club. Burnley’s coach spends most of his time watching the match that “The Citizents” won 7-0 against RB Leipzig in the Champions League on March 15.

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