What does the boyfriend in the case “Tina Duong accused of scamming 17 billion VND” say?

Quang Nam: Detained “9x female monster” for fraud and appropriation of more than VND 50 billion in property

Recently, social networks shared a lot of articles about a woman named VA (born in 1995, from Bac Giang province) scamming many people with a perfect scam script. This post said that more than 40 people have become victims of VA, with the amount of about 17 billion.

Information in the press, Mr. K. (VA’s ex-boyfriend, residing in Ho Chi Minh City) said that around mid-July, VA made friends with him via facebook. After that, VA repeatedly commented on articles on his personal page to make an impression. The two started talking and texting online.

On August 2, VA arranged to meet Mr. K. at a coffee shop in District 1, HCMC. With a young, beautiful appearance and a flashy look that this girl built on Facebook, Mr. K. agreed to let VA get acquainted. Since then, VA has regularly invited Mr. K. to coffee, usually twice a week. After some time, VA confessed to Mr. K.

Mr. K. thinks that VA plays the role of a rich daughter to approach and get to know me

According to Mr. K., VA showed off her house in a very high-class apartment, whose father made it big, then said that she had a brain tumor and had very little time to live. At other times, he said that he was being watched and was in danger, so he needed Mr. K. to protect and protect.

On August 15, VA said she would fly to Australia the next day, so she went to Mr. K.’s house to stay for an early flight the next day. The next day, this person used the excuse that his father was being bullied, I was also being threatened, so I couldn’t get a passport to fly. For this reason, the VA stayed at Mr. K.

At first, Mr. K. also refused to let VA stay because they were new to each other. However, because she said that her house was being housed by her aunt, she and her father were being threatened, so Mr. K. had to accept it.

During the process of living together, VA was very attentive and knew Mr. K’s finances, economics, and real estate. “She used to say that he had about 10 billion dong. After that, she kept saying that I had a mental illness. Then I bought medicine, said it was a brain tonic for me to drink. I didn’t take it because I didn’t know what medicine, then she was angry and upset, “said Mr. K.

VA also often mentioned the issue of marriage and said that he wanted to have children with Mr. K. However, Mr. K said that this was just a way for this girl to gain trust for the purpose of appropriating property. In more than a month of knowing each other, Mr. K. said that he had lost nearly 90 million VND to the VA to deposit cars, money to buy things, cameras…

Before these suspicious expressions, Mr. K. checked the bag of his “lover”, but he did not see any identification related to her, in the bag there was only one bank card. When Mr. K. asked whose card it was, the VA said it was the employee’s card. After the process of finding out, he did not let the VA stay in the house anymore, and was constantly harassed and threatened by her.

“I’m just one of VA’s victims. I’m luckier than others because I’m just at the access level, so I’ve discovered. There are people who trust too much, then get cheated by VA and have to receive results. more tragic”, Mr. K. shared.

Regarding the above issue, Mr. K. reported the case to the police agency and together with other victims gathered to submit an application to the authorities for handling.

Previously, on September 13, the Facebook account NL also posted a denunciation of VA. The article said that in 2018, VA approached her family with a rich and flashy look to date. The girl took the initiative to give gifts to her boyfriend’s family many times, showing her understanding of luxury and expensive properties.

Ms. L. said that the wedding between VA and her husband’s brother was very luxurious, taking place at a 5-star hotel in Hanoi. VA’s guests are up to several hundred people, the dowry is a Rolls Royce worth nearly tens of billions of dong.

Wedding with sophisticated script that VA staged

According to Ms. L. this is a very sophisticated scam script of VA. Accordingly, VA has rented luxury villas, apartments and luxury cars to create the label of the house “brother and tycoon”. In particular, this girl also hired an event organization to perform the act of pretending to be the girl’s family with about 300 people attending the wedding. In addition, the VA also hires people to pretend to be notaries for real estate transactions… The total amount that the accuser said was cheated by the VA is about 17 billion VND. Many people also call this “scam of the century”, “scam like in Hollywood movies”.

According to Ms. L. at that time, she did not report to the VA because this girl was pregnant. However, recently, Ms. L discovered that this girl continued to scam many people in many other provinces and cities with the amount of up to hundreds of billions of dong, forcing her to speak up. When Ms. L spoke up, there were more than 40 people contacted and said that she had been a victim of VA

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