A woman dies after being brutally assaulted at a hotel

A woman dies after being brutally assaulted at a hotel
A woman dies after being brutally assaulted at a hotel

On November 11, a leader of the People’s Committee of Ward 5, Ca Mau City (Ca Mau) confirmed with PV Youth In the locality, a man brutally assaulted a woman in a hotel, causing her death.

The hotel’s security camera image captures the scene of a man repeatedly beating a woman with a wooden tree

The incident happened on November 10 at a hotel in Ward 5, Ca Mau City. The man was identified as NVX (58 years old, living in cluster 1, Ward 8, Ca Mau city) and the victim was NTT (39 years old, living in Lam Hai commune, Nam Can district, Ca Mau).

According to the hotel’s security camera image, the man took a wooden stick and hit the woman’s hands, feet and head about 50 times continuously. The incident happened at the entrance of the hotel. In particular, after a while of repeatedly hitting the woman, the man sat down to rest, then sat up to continue beating.

The camera image also shows that someone intervened, but this man was aggressive, causing the person to stop. Then a young man came and pulled this man away.

The woman was taken to Ca Mau General Hospital for emergency treatment but later died.


According to information from Ca Mau General Hospital, the woman suffered multiple injuries, injuries all over her body, and very serious injuries. “The patient suffered a fracture of the skull floor, a fracture of the temporal skull, broken frontal sinuses, a collapsed lung, a broken rib, a broken arm, a pelvis… The patient’s body was full of wounds, so he was admitted to the hospital just in time. Intubation, blood transfusion, etc., the patient died, although when the hospital received the patient, it was given a red alert”, a leader of Ca Mau General Hospital informed.

At the same time, this leader also said that he himself has nearly 30 years of working at the hospital, this is the first time seeing a patient hospitalized with injuries caused by such brutal beatings.

The Police Department of Ca Mau Province has urgently arrested Nguyen Van Xuan. It is known that Xuan was a forest ranger.

Currently, the Ca Mau Provincial Police Department is urgently investigating the death of a woman after being brutally assaulted at a hotel.

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