Pho Thin Lo Duc opened with unexpected success in Sydney, Australia

This is a glorious milestone affirming the brand’s solid foundation in the international culinary market.

VieThin Pho receives attention that exceeds the expectations of customers in Sydney, Australia

The dish ‘National soul’ is both strange and familiar

Two hours before opening time, a long line of customers waited at 279 Illawara Street, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia. We find that most of them are Vietnamese expatriates in Australia who have left their homeland for a long time to look forward to a Vietnamese pride in a foreign land. The mood of excitement is mixed with anxiety, because finding the taste of home thousands of miles away is an extremely indescribable emotional state.

Many customers have shared their mixed feelings. ‘Familiar’ here is finding a familiar taste that makes up the iconic image of Vietnamese Pho in general, and Pho Thin Lo Duc in particular. ‘Strange’ here is the ‘strange’ of the experience. experience, when the atmosphere and the geographical location are in a far away place.

Customers patiently wait in line to enjoy Vietnamese traditional products even though it’s dark

However, the strange thing that is familiar in the culinary field is a rare emotional state, the rarity does not simply come from the emotional state of human psychology and behavior, but it is the rarity of a person. Vietnam’s traditional culinary craft can set foot firmly in many regions of the five continents.

The reception far exceeded expectations from international friends

The deployment of the base store in the international market is set by the company and the brand as a priority task to serve the Vietnamese community in countries around the world. However, Pho VieThin in Sydney, Australia has received a lot of support from local and regional indigenous people. Mr. Doan Hai Trung – Brand CEO shared: “We are really touched and surprised by the special affection of the local people for this story. They come, experience, and share about this story. Their multi-dimensional understanding of Vietnamese culinary culture makes us even more grateful and fortunate to be a part of that mission.”

Pho Thin Lo Duc opened with unexpected success in Sydney, Australia - Photo 3.

Mr. Doan Hai Trung – CEO of Pho Thin Lo Duc directly participated in leading the team in this important milestone in Sydney, Australia this time.

‘Very direct’ involvement of the head of the brand leadership

This event is really special and means a lot to the brand’s development journey in the international culinary arena. Mr. Doan Hai Trung – CEO of Pho Thin Lo Duc is also a young heir who was assigned the responsibility of continuing the profession with direct and close participation in this milestone. Not only is it the process of approving policy and managing the system, Mr. Trung has directly trained and led a professional team right in Sydney, Australia to ensure product quality at the absolute standard compared to the standard. branded products.

Pho Thin Lo Duc opened with unexpected success in Sydney, Australia - Photo 4.

Mr. Doan Hai Trung – CEO of Pho Thin Lo Duc is also known as the next “legacy” of the famous Ha Thanh “Re-rolled Thin Lo Duc Pho” craft.

Mr. Tran Trung An – Assistant Brand Manager shared an interesting sideline: “Since the moment I saw Mr. Trung follow Mr. Thin to learn the craft and be handed over by him, the ‘brainer’ of Mr. our participation in the kitchen and direct staff training is a very rare job. Through this, I personally and the company’s associates also have a deeper understanding of the importance of this milestone for the company. long-term development journey of the brand”.

One beginning of many beginnings

Not only is this a simple store opening event, this is also considered as one of the most important milestones for the brand’s sustainable development journey in the international culinary arena. Pho Thin Lo Duc has decided to launch a new brand identity ‘Pho VieThin’ for the international market; and the opening event at the Sydney campus, Australia is the opening book for the solid and long-term steps in the future of Pho Thin Lo Duc.

Pho Thin Lo Duc opened with unexpected success in Sydney, Australia - Photo 5.

‘Pho VieThin’ is expected to write more meaningful history pages in the story of Vietnamese culinary culture.

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