Thanh Hoa overcomes riverbank and coastal erosion, reduces disaster risk | Society

Thanh Hoa overcomes riverbank and coastal erosion, reduces disaster risk | Society
Thanh Hoa overcomes riverbank and coastal erosion, reduces disaster risk | Society

The situation of riverbank and coastal erosion in many localities in Thanh Hoa province is becoming more and more complicated, river water has penetrated deeply into production land, affecting the lives and activities of people.

In order to avoid saline water, local authorities only have to build a dam at the Can River, Nga Dien commune, Nga Son district (Thanh Hoa). Photo: Nguyen Nam-VNA

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Hoa province, in Thanh Hoa province, there are currently 50 locations and dangerous landslide areas, when abnormal heavy rain occurs, it will increase the risk of landslides. riverbanks, directly threatening people’s lives, works and properties; in which, in the period 2021-2025, there are 35 works and locations that need to be prioritized for urgent treatment and remediation.

Vinh Loc district is a locality with the Ma river crossing with a length of about 20 km. Follow the boat of the people to go around along the bank of the Ma River, passing through Vinh Yen commune, you will see the alluvial ground close to the edge with many landslides and deep into the riverbank. Particularly, the river bank in Yen Ton Ha and Phu Luu villages has been infiltrated by the river water from 30-40m deep.

Similarly, in Vinh Hoa, Vinh Khang and Vinh Loc townships (Vinh Loc district), river bank erosion also occurred. Most of the landslide areas are alluvial flats used by people to grow crops, with some parts of the landslide edge being only 150-200m away from the dyke foot.

According to statistics of Vinh Loc District People’s Committee, currently in the district there are 18 locations at risk of river bank erosion; including 3 high-risk locations. In the past 5 years, tens of hectares of “farm and honey” land for agricultural production of people along the two banks of the Ma River in the above communes have been eroded, washing away crops into the river. Hundreds of households in riverside areas are likely to be affected if landslides are not promptly remedied.

Living along the Ma River for more than 70 years, Mr. Tran Dinh Ho (Thanh Nhan neighborhood, Vinh Loc town, Vinh Loc district) is extremely insecure when the river bank erosion is happening faster and faster, affecting his life. activities of his whole family. Landslides caused the mudflats to lose their legs, the water infiltrated near the shore, causing the wall surrounding his family’s garden as well as many surrounding families to sink and crack… This worry is more frequent during the rainy season. .

Mr. Tran Dinh Ho said that in the past, the river bank was hundreds of meters away, in front of the house my family was living in was a rich alluvial ground. Now, due to a lot of landslides every year, my garden is now just a small distance from the riverbank now. Nearly 50 households around this hamlet are in a similar situation. If the government does not soon implement measures to prevent landslides to help people, sooner or later all houses, land and roads will drift into the river.

Not only Mr. Ho’s family, Mr. Trinh Van Vuong (Thuong village, Vinh Yen commune, Vinh Loc district) is also worried when the river bank landslide affects the area of ​​alluvial land for growing crops. . Mr. Vuong shared that landslides happen often, especially in the rainy season, when water swirls into the beach, making people very insecure. Request authorities to soon build concrete embankments to protect the land of works for people to live in peace of mind – Mr. Vuong proposed.

According to experts, the cause of the above-mentioned landslide in Vinh Loc district is due to a change in flow, the flow on the right bank of the Ma River tends to be filled with sediments, while the main stream flows into the river. flows close to the left bank, causing river bank erosion. However, it is impossible not to mention that excessive or illegal sand and gravel mining on the river also makes the landslide more serious. Vinh Loc district has been licensed to exploit 8 sand mines by Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee, in the area there are dozens of permanent and temporary sand storage yards along both banks of the Ma River.

To ensure the safety of people and property of the State and the people, from 2015 to now, Vinh Loc district has invested in building 4 embankments along the Ma and Buoi rivers to prevent natural disasters and limit landslides. landslides and stabilize people’s lives. At the same time, implementing strong sanctions against businesses and units exploiting riverbank sand and gravel, such as requiring mine owners to publicize mining time, production output, number of vehicles, signs, and mine landmarks. for people to participate in monitoring. At the same time, strengthen inspection and handling of mine owners and sand agglomeration yard owners who do not comply with the law in sand mining, transportation, gathering and trading activities.

Mr. Trinh Xuan Thang, Vice Chairman of Vinh Loc District People’s Committee, affirmed that in recent years, Vinh Loc district has been very drastic in operating and directing the exploitation of mineral resources, especially sand and gravel exploitation in the riverbed. The view of the district is that for businesses and units that exploit sand and gravel, they must ensure the provisions of the mineral law. If any enterprise exploits illegally, affects the flow, causes riverbank erosion, let people denounce the illegal sand mining outside the mine boundary, outside the boundary of the district People’s Committee will report to the Provincial People’s Committee to mine recovery. For three high-risk landslide locations in Vinh Tien, Vinh Hoa and Vinh Loc townships, the district People’s Committee requested all levels to pay attention to invest in and support the construction of embankments to ensure safety for people.

In the town of Quy Loc (Yen Dinh district), due to the influence of rain, floods and sand mining, many times higher than the mine’s capacity in recent years, many areas of arable land and crops of people along the coast Ma river is being eroded every day, affecting people’s life and production.

Quy Loc town has a length of 10.5 km of riverbank, just 3.5 km of embankment has been built on the riverbank. Currently, the remaining section is heavily eroded. If the embankment to prevent landslides is not soon built in this area, the remaining agricultural land is at risk of continuing to be eroded into the river. In addition, in Yen Dinh district, there are 3 very serious riverbank erosion locations in Yen Thai and Dinh Hai communes that need urgent remediation as soon as possible.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Head of Agriculture Department of Yen Dinh district, said that the landslides on the banks of the Ma River through the district occurred in many locations and happened in a very complicated way, especially during the rainy season. To overcome this, the People’s Committee of the district and localities have installed warning signs for dangerous landslide areas, and at the same time used taluy tarpaulins and bamboo poles to limit landslides, but in the long run, the province is looking forward to arranging business. concrete embankment fees at these locations to ensure safety and life for people.

Not only riverbank erosion but also coastal erosion is quite complicated in recent years in coastal localities of Thanh Hoa province. With more than 100km of coastline, 6 coastal districts, towns and cities in Thanh Hoa are also affected by sea waves and high tides, causing coastal erosion, threatening many residential areas. Most recently, high tides and big waves caused by storms and tropical depressions from July to October 2022 have caused sea water to strongly intrude inland in Tan Xuan village, Hoang Phu commune (Hoang district). chemistry) causing landslides of many people’s works, aquaculture land, production forest land…

Chairman of Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee had to declare an emergency situation of coastal erosion and erosion in this area. This same phenomenon is also happening in Quang Nham commune (Quang Xuong district), Hoang Phu commune (Hoang Hoa district)…

According to Thanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to overcome riverbank and coastal erosion, reduce disaster risks, and contribute to socio-economic recovery and development, Thanh Hoa province is currently urgently implement the “Project on prevention and control of river bank and coastal erosion until 2030”; in which, assign specific tasks to all levels and sectors, and at the same time strengthen propaganda so that all levels, branches, organizations and people understand the importance of riverbank and coastal erosion prevention and control.

In the period of 2021-2025, Thanh Hoa province has been allocating nearly 550 billion VND from the budget and other legal mobilized sources to organize the relocation of 2,846 households from very high-risk and high-risk areas. occurred floods, flash floods, landslides to new places of safety and stability.

In the face of unpredictable weather like today, it is very necessary for Thanh Hoa province to take the initiative in preventing and controlling riverbank and coastal erosion, helping to minimize loss of life and property when natural disasters occur.

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