Live broadcast serving the audience at 20:30′ on 11/26

On the afternoon of November 24, at the Opera House, the City Arts Council appraised the play “The Road to Success” performed by Hai Phong Cheo Doan.


Rowing play”The road to success“It has the content about the start-up story of a capable, ambitious young man with the dream of building an economy on the land he was born in, where there are still many outdated ideas and inherent self-interest. Through the performance, the production team wants to emphasize that building a new and model countryside is an arduous process that requires the unanimity of officials and people to achieve the goal of rich people. Strong country, prosperous society, countryside close to city. Hai Phong city has done it the earliest in the country and has taken the lead in the construction of new rural areas and model new rural areas.


The play is an art program under the Hai Phong Television Theater Project, performed under the direction of the City Party Committee, the City People’s Committee, the Hai Phong Department of Culture and Sports. Hai Phong Cheo Troupe performed with the team of Scriptwriter Vu Huy Thanh, Director Lai Dinh Ngoc, Assistant Director Tran Quoc Kien, Painter Ngo Thang, Meritorious Artist Choreographer Thu Dung, Sound Vo Quang Hiep, Lighting Pham Trung Tuan, conductor of the show Tran Van Phuc, project manager, deputy head of the delegation in charge of Nguyen Van Van, along with artists and actors of Hai Phong Cheo Doan and professional art troupes of the city.

Member of City Arts Council.

At the appraisal program, members of the City Arts Council contributed ideas for the crew to complete the play before it was broadcast live on Hai Phong Radio and Television channels at 20:30 on the same day. 11/26.

Some pictures from the show:










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