Status Hai Tu lied about Thieu Bao Tram: What’s the truth?

Recently, a social network account believed to be Hai Tu posted a status line that made people extremely confused.

The love triangle between Son Tung, Hai Tu and Thieu Bao Tram, even though it happened 1 year ago, is still very interested by the people.

Most recently, an account believed to be Hai Tu posted a status line that attracted many people’s attention. Specifically, she wrote: “She corrects each of your mistakes and wishes to be treated better with her. And then it is she who quietly sits and watches you treat the latter with the way that she always desires, shaping you every day.”

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This status line, after being posted, made many fans of the Tung – Tu couple “guess old guess young”. Even many people think that this is a “ca khau” line of Thieu Bao Tram because this line makes people think of a newly released MV of Thieu Bao Tram. In the MV, the female lead sits and watches the boy she loves wearing a wish ring for another girl, as gentle as he did with her. So what is the truth about this has not been confirmed yet.

As for Thieu Bao Tram, after emotional upheavals, she focused more on her singing career. The proof is the newly released MV series.



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