The truth about Baby Garden

In recent days, Netflix’s movie “In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal” is attracting the attention of a large audience. Because, it exposes the scary dark corners of some cults in the land of kimchi. They use the name of love, justice, and justice, but actually exploit, abuse, and even “brainwash” the victim, causing people to live an ascetic life, but with the illusion of power thinking they are in the spirit world. first.

In it, people couldn’t help but be annoyed with the female leader Kim Ki-soon and the Baby Garden sect. In particular, knowing that Kim Ki-soon is the president of Synnara Record – a famous sales platform specializing in providing Korean K-Pop music albums.

Heaven on earth?

The fifth episode of the series airing on Netflix, titled “Children’s Garden: On the Road to Heaven”, exposed the crimes of Kim Ki-soon. From the beginning to the end, Kim’s actions made people “goosebumps”, uttering “evil” horror, and then realizing how much it would cost people to put their trust in the wrong place.

Kim Ki-soon had an imperfect childhood when he was orphaned at a young age. Growing up, she married the son of a pastor, and that’s probably why Kim realized the power of blind faith.

Kim Ki-soon’s photo.

Kim Ki-soon is an excellent student of Pastor Lee Kyo-Bu, even considered an “effective right-hand man” to support him in all things big and small. In 1982, Lee was sent to prison for assaulting several people, Kim immediately seized the opportunity to establish his own empire.

She took over the cult in place of Lee and changed its name to Baby Garden based in Incheon (Korea). Endowed with a talent for speech, Kim quickly won the trust of many and soon she became an even more popular figure than Lee before her.

Once she had attracted a large number of followers, willing to live and die for her, Kim began a plan to build an empire that she describes as “no less than heaven on Earth”. Kim made his followers work for him day and night and treated them like slaves and slaves, nothing more and nothing less. So much so, that the entire construction inside the “Children’s Garden” was done by the cult followers without any help from the outside world. People consider Kim to be the reincarnation of a higher being and accept service as a way to obtain eternal and fulfilling life.

Just like any other rogue cult leader, Kim has absurd and tyrannical rules that everyone must follow, except her. In it, everyone is forbidden to have sex with boys and girls because it is a sinful act. If a girl is found to have any romantic relationship with a boy, both must suffer the consequences of disobeying the orders of the cult leader.

But on the contrary, it was Kim Ki-soon who chose young, strong, beautiful men and forced them to serve him. And the victim did not voice his objection, believing that by doing so, the cardinal was “blessing” him. So, all of them chose to be silent, even if they felt afraid of her.

Kim Ki-soon literally treats his followers like slaves and calls it a “brainwashing” skill. Outsiders can only be amazed, not understanding how this woman can make a wife turn away from her husband or a mother willing to leave her daughter to follow evil. teacher.

Kim Ki-soon made it a rule that every child must call his or her parents Mr and Mrs, and strangely enough, not a single person objected to the ridiculous rule. Kim Ki-soon’s influence is paramount. No matter how stupid or absurd her teachings were, no one dared to question their moral or legal legitimacy.

Kim’s cult has reached an unimaginable level as many people from all over Korea have come to her in search of “heaven on Earth”. They are willing to give all their possessions and themselves.

Heinous crime

Imagine a 5-year-old child writhing in pain because people around him falsely assumed he was possessed by a demon. And the only way to get rid of the evil spirit is to make the child bleed. It was the pain that the boy Choi Nak-Gwi had to endure, just because he wanted to see his mother but couldn’t.

Kim Ki-soon locked Nak-Gwi in a pigpen and ordered other followers to force him to eat waste. The most heartbreaking thing, Nak-Gwi’s mother, Sun Yeong-Re, and aunt, Sun Bok-Re, are two of the perpetrators who beat the boy mercilessly for crimes he did not do.

The truth about the notorious Korean sect: The victim was

The portrait of the victim is the boy Nak-Gwi.

In the Netflix movie “In the Name of God: Holy Betrayal”, the director used a mannequin as Nak-Gwi to recreate the scene that year, but it also made viewers feel like they were being cut. inside.

Kim Ki-soon learns that his son has a crush on a girl named Kang Mi-Gyeong, who used to work as a maid in their house. She killed Kang Mi-Gyeong and smeared the girl’s honor with other believers.

The leader of the “Baby Garden” cult has considered murder “normal”, as she has a world of her own inside the large compound and knows full well that what happens inside never happens. caught the eye of the government. And no matter how blatantly wrong her actions are, she still finds some twisted philosophy to seduce her followers into realizing that whatever she’s doing is right. .

When Korean law enforcement agencies learned what was going on inside “Baby Garden”, 50 investigators went to find Kim Ki-soon. She knew in advance, so she escaped from the compound with the help of her mentor Lee Soon-bok.

Some time later, the police found the young man who helped Kim bury the bodies of baby Choi Nak-Gwi and young girl Kang Mi-Gyeong. This guy agreed to testify against the leader of the “Baby Garden” cult.

In 1996, the exhumation of the bodies began, but authorities found nothing. All they had was the testimony of some former members of the cult and those who were still alive, however, later that year, Kim Ki-soon voluntarily surrendered.

Kim is not only a hypocrite, a ruthless dictator, but also a man of intrigue. She knew that the advantage was in her favor, so she decided to turn herself in. Before the trial, there was a secret meeting held at one of the hotels where Kim Ki-soon met Choi Nak-Gwi’s mother, and no one knew how she persuaded her not to testify. against himself in court. She also bribed excavator driver Yoon Bang-Su and promised to give her a piece of land.

The truth about the notorious Korean sect: The victim was

Nak Gwi’s mother admitted to lying about her son’s death during the documentary.

Then prosecutors couldn’t believe their ears when the excavator driver said he was forced by themselves to testify against cult leader Kim Ki-soon. The victim’s mother, Sun Yeong-Re, said her son died of a heart attack.

There is no body of the dead, the evidence is also meager, Kim Ki-soon easily escapes murder. She only served four years for financial fraud, and there was never any proof that she was behind the Baby Garden murders.

The truth about the notorious Korean sect: The victim was

Kim Ki-soon (white shirt in the middle) on the day of his surrender.

After being released, Kim Ki-soon returned to her “thousand-year kingdom” and did not know what happened to her after that. Just know that the Korean police were never able to prove her heinous crimes, even though everyone knows what happened in Baby Garden.

Wave of boycott Synnara

If you are a Kpop fan, you will not find it strange when you hear the name Synnara. Because it is one of the famous album stores (both online and offline) in Korea. Album sales by artists sold from Synnara will be counted towards album charts that are based on databases from both Hanteo and Gaon. Therefore, the sales chart on Synnara is as interested by fans as any other system.

Synnara develops on both online and offline systems. With the offline form, Synnara has many stores in many provinces and cities in Korea for customers to easily find and shop, own albums and items of their favorite idols.

The truth about the notorious Korean sect: The victim was

On the Internet, Synnara has an official website so that music lovers both inside and outside Korea can access and buy albums. Orders will be delivered to your door, depending on the distance. Synnara is also considered as one of the most prestigious addresses, when it comes to the fastest updating of Korean music album products of all singers and groups in the land of kimchi.

Someone will ask the question, what does Synnara have to do with this sect? The answer is yes, even very closely related. Because, Kim Ki-soon is the president of Synnara Record.

Back in the story of that year, when the new “Baby Garden” was established, Kim Ki-soon bought land and created a complex for all believers to live and work together and dedicate themselves to the sect.

Her cult continues to grow, making more and more profits from exploiting the labor of its members, including children. Since then, Kim has been able to open a large record company, even setting up a music album distribution company Synnara.

After the terrible past of Synnara Record’s president – Kim Ki-soon – was exposed in a Netflix documentary, music lovers simultaneously boycotted Synnara Record. There is currently a wave of boycotts spreading across the country and internationally calling on people to stop buying K-Pop albums and items from Synnara after the Netflix movie exposed the dark truth about the birth of Kimchi. this brand.

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